Jennifer Lopez’s Surprising Link to Scientology Goes Beyond BFF Leah Remini

When it comes to Hollywood, Scientology has become one of the religions we have come to hear a lot about. Many A-List celebrities are associated with the powerful group, and some of them have scary stories to tell when they break free.

Leah Remini, best known for her role on King of Queens, is one such celebrity. She is on a crusade to warn the public about Scientology and their hold on people.

The reason Scientology targets celebrities is really about business. Think about it this way: If any of the Kardashian were to promote a product, that product would sell out. In this case, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, and John Travolta, to name a few, are promoting their product. The product is an expensive set of classes.

The classes are called the “Bridge,” and the goal is to cross or complete it to reach a higher state of oneness. The biggest problem with Scientology is the “cult-like” behavior, secrecy, and abuse behind closed gates. Jennifer Lopez has a surprising link to Scientology that goes beyond her BFF Remini.

Jennifer Lopez | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Why Leah Remini left Scientology

While Remini admits there were some good things about the religion that she liked, there was also not enough of it to keep her there. When asked why she left the church, she told PEOPLE that there were “dozens of influencing factors.”

There was one reason more than any other that caused her to leave. She was spending too much time at the Church and not enough time with her daughter. She said that family is not important to the Church of Scientology because they believe in reincarnation.

According to them, Remini is only her mother in this lifetime, and it is more important to look at the bigger picture. That is why the church requires “disconnection.” This a process of letting go of any and all people outside of Scientology. More on this in a minute.

Remini told church members she was having this problem and wanted to have a better relationship with her kid, to which they all ignored. Their stance was that if they tried to make changes or help her, they would be punished. Once she left, she realized just how corrupt and cult-like the establishment really is.

Jennifer Lopez’s father has ties to Scientology

Lopez has a lot of ties to the Church of Scientology. It makes sense seeing as she has been a high-profile celebrity for a long time. Her father has been a longtime member of the group.

According to Remini, he is very high up in the Church, and he has spent most of his money trying to get there. This was used against JLo later as well.

When the Church officials decided they wanted Lopez to be part of the group, they tried using her father and Remini to recruit her. In fact, that is why Remini was told to invite Lopez to the Italian wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. At the reception, they were constantly separated, she told ET.

Why Jennifer Lopez avoided Scientology entirely

Lopez, on the other hand, was not fooled. “She saw right through their tactics,” Remini said. “I didn’t save her, or anything.”

When it came right down to it, Lopez decided that the religion was not right for her. On top of having her own religious and spiritual beliefs, she is also really big on family values.

It was the Church’s stance of “disconnection” that ultimately made her decision an easy one. Lopez cares too much for her friends, family, and children to ever join an organization that systematically tries to separate people from those things that really matter.