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Jerry O’Connell has a comedic streak that has served him well in film and as a TV host. From his story about meeting DMX to his social media antics and devotion to Bravo reality shows, the actor/host knows how to be silly while entertaining a crowd. That’s what made his tale about his daughters and the record-breaking “WAP” song so interesting, awkward, and maybe a little funny.

During a recent interview, O’Connell fussed and joked about his reaction to learning they know way too much about the adult-themed hit.

Jerry O'Connell
Jerry O’Connell at ‘A Soldier’s Play” on Broadway, 2020 | Bruce Glikas/WireImage/Getty Images

Jerry O’Connell has twin daughters with Rebecca Romijn

O’Connell has been married to actor and former model Rebecca Romijn since 2007. The couple welcomed twin girls Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip in December 2008, and they often post pictures of them on social media.

O’Connell loves kidding around with his daughters and for a brief moment in 2019, he went viral after sharing a clip of himself singing loudly along to Prince’s “When Doves Cry” as his girls cringed. They couldn’t take it.

He captioned the post with a comment about teaching his kids the classics, but it seems this year they dished out some payback.

O’Connell says his daughters love ‘WAP’

As soon as “WAP” dropped this past summer, it became an instant hit that inspired a wave of memes, TikTok challenges, and parodies. Kids have been rapping to it, senior citizens are popping to it, and even Andrew Lloyd Webber remixed it.

A self-proclaimed fan of Love & Hip Hop and Cardi B, O’Connell is an avid supporter of the “WAP” rapper’s career.

Apparently, his daughters are into her music too, as he talked about—and demonstrated—their command of the “WAP” choreography and its lyrics. O’Connell jokingly talked about how he discovered the hit Megan Thee Stallion/Cardi B track after hearing his girls rap the uncensored version of it in the car.

During a Zoom appearance on Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked vlog, he reminded hosts Blue, Lee, and DJ Damage of Tipper Gore’s censorship crusade against rap music in the ’80s and ’90s. O’Connell said as a parent, he’s sort of stuck between wanting to censor music for his kids or allowing them some freedom. Specifically, “WAP” is at the center.

He explained his twins do the dance routine and he’s unsure if TikTok or “the dance that Megan and Cardi do” is the blueprint. O’Connell crouched into a “WAP” position and said his kids do some version where they dance and “start talking about body parts and back of people’s throats.”

He said it’s too much but believes his girls don’t even know what the lyrics mean.


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“It’s shocking when you hear your children say, ‘Pull-out game WEAK!’” O’Connell said. He then summoned his daughters into the room to perform the clean, non-graphic version of the rap and the dance routine, all while playing a silly stage dad.

The girls giggled the entire time, and Lee offered to send a clip directly to Cardi B. To see the entire interview, watch it here.