‘Jersey Shore’: An Explanation for the Time Pauly DelVecchio Yelled at Angelina Pivarnick in Miami

Jersey Shore fans know Pauly DelVecchio to be one of the friendliest, funniest roommates on the show. That’s why when DelVecchio yells, fans remember. There have only been a handful of times DelVecchio has been mad on Jersey Shore. Now, fans finally have more clarity about the time DelVecchio yelled at Angelina Pivarnick during their time in Miami.

Pauly DelVecchio
DJ Pauly DelVecchio | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Pauly DelVecchio is actually quite reserved 

In March 2020, a story and field producer for Jersey Shore talked about what DelVecchio was like behind the scenes. 

“He’s friendly,” the producer commented on Reddit, adding: “But when the cameras are down, [DelVecchio] is extremely reserved. Carrying a conversation with him can be like pulling teeth.” 

Whether or not DelVecchio is still this way seems unbelievable. As the self-proclaimed “Prank War Champion,” DelVecchio has likely gotten more comfortable with his place in the spotlight and become more of a conversationalist on and off-camera. 

DJ Pauly D is usually positive, but he does get mad on rare occasions

Despite his quiet nature during the early seasons of Jersey Shore, DelVecchio did have an angry outburst during season 2 that fans will remember. 

After crashing their guys’ night out in Miami, Pivarnick started nagging at DelVecchio. “Angelina’s saying all these things to us — she’s getting at us, like girl’s drunk,” DelVecchio told cameras. “She’s a mess.” 

Things took a turn when a crying Pivarnick harassed DelVecchio “not caring,” which included a slap across the face. When she put her hands on DelVecchio a second time, he started to lose his cool. Then, when DelVecchio tried to escape into another area of the house, Pivarnick followed him. That’s when DelVecchio resorted to yelling at Pivarnick. 

Part of Pauly DelVecchio and Angelina Pivarnick’s argument in Miami was cut from the show

Another producer who used to work on the show said fans didn’t get to see the entire argument that happened between DelVecchio and Pivarnick. The footage that aired was edited for time. 

“The argument actually lasted longer than it was aired and was cropped to show the explosion of Pauly on Angelina,” the producer shared on Reddit. “Angelina continuously antagonized Pauly to get a rise out of him, or to confess her love for him — I don’t really know what her goal was to be honest LOL.” 

As it turns out, Pivarnick was upset with DelVecchio because he wasn’t interested in her.

Angelina Pivarnick’s hurt feelings exposed Pauly DelVecchio’s angry side

According to that same producer, there was a lot more behind DelVecchio’s blowout. And it involved Pivarnick and DelVecchio’s past hookup. 

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“Angelina and Pauly had hooked up around the time of the JS Season 1 reunion,” the former producer explained, continuing:

This caused feelings on Angelina’s side and, to make it long story short, she was jealous that Pauly wasn’t super into her and was hooking up with other girls.

Pauly got p*ssed because he thought they established that there were no feelings involved, and then Angelina flipped out on him when she was intoxicated.

Pauly ignored her and ignored her and ignored her and she kept pushing. So it is totally understandable why he blew up and YES, when Pauly did is mad, he is LOUD.

As this producer pointed out, DelVecchio could only be quiet for so long!