‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Finale Causes Falling Out Between Angelina Pivarnick and ‘Snooki,’ ‘JWoww,’ and Deena Cortese

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans finally got to see the drama unfold at Angelina Pivarnick‘s wedding. After the episode aired, so did the roommates’ dirty laundry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the cast of Jersey Shore is one big family anymore. 

Angelina wedding speech 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'
Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley, Deena Cortese, Angelina Pivarnick, and Chris Larangeira | MTV

Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding disaster 

After the infamous bridesmaid speech occurred, Pivarnick appeared to be fine. Her wedding guests were initially shocked by Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s comment about Pivarnick being the “dump” to their “island,” taking it as a jab to their hometown of Staten Island. Regardless, once the speech ended, there was some awkward tension in the air that quickly dissipated. 

When the dust settled, Pivarnick’s attitude started to change. “Are you mad?” she asked her new husband, Chris Larangeira, repeatedly. That’s when Pivarnick needed a break — away from her guests, the roommates, and MTV cameras. After an unknown amount of time, Larangeira decides Pivarnick needs to let the situation go and enjoy the rest of their wedding. “You can’t redo this,” Chris says to his wife. Still hurt by the speech, Pivarnick refused to do anything until she spoke with her lawyer. 

Angelina shames Deena, causing her to cry 

After realizing the heightened level of drama their speech caused, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Deena Cortese, and Farley were embarrassed. Farley shed a few tears and said she wanted to leave. Cortese wanted to speak with Pivarnick and explain that they never meant any ill will and apologize for the situation. When she finally got the chance, Pivarnick had none of it. 

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After the guys revealed their revised plan of calling everyone onto the dance floor to “beat the beat up,” Cortese approached Pivarnick. “What you did was distasteful,” Pivarnick told Cortese, neglecting her apology. Not wanting to argue, Cortese walked away from the conversation even more upset. Then, she revealed to cameras that she would never film with Pivarnick again. 

Who is to blame for Angelina’s wedding drama? 

There’s a lot of confusion regarding why there was so much drama at Pivarnick’s wedding. Was it a result of the producers being overly involved, or did it simply happen that way? A former producer who worked on the series thinks Pivarnick is to blame. “[Angelina’s M.O. was] playing a victim when she had been two-faced with the girls in the house,” the story and field producer for seasons 1 and 2 of Jersey Shore said on Reddit.

“[Angelina spread] a lot of gossip (much worse than what was shown on the show) about [the roommates] and then would cry foul because the girls reacted,” they continued. “I’m not trying to be biased, but based on previous experience, I am leaning towards her manipulating this for sympathy when she knew it was going to happen.”

Are the ‘Jersey Shore’ roommates still friends with Angelina? 

Based on the way things ended at the wedding, it doesn’t look like Pivarnick is on good terms with anyone. A source close to Pivarnick told HollywoodLife that she’s only close with DelVecchio anymore. “Other than Pauly, Angelina has really distanced herself from the cast,” the source said. “She feels Pauly is the only one who really cares about having a solid friendship with her, and he’s been there for her. [Angelina] has no interest in rebuilding a relationship with any of them.”

The ‘Jersey Shore’ roommates speak out about Angelina’s wedding

After the finale aired, the roommates took to Twitter to say what they had been feeling for several months. “I watched my best friend quit because she couldn’t handle the stress,” Farley tweeted. “I stayed up so many nights hearing Deena cry over being called names she didn’t deserve. All while Angelina basked in the attention she was given. 7 months I waited for tonight.” Fans had a mix of reactions — some took Pivarnick’s side; some took Farley’s; others remained neutral, understanding both sides. 

“This whole thing was the absolute last straw for me,” Polizzi replied. “I refuse to leave [my] family to be treated like I’m the issue and bad person when in my heart, I know I am nothing but a loving and loyal friend.” Between promoting the launch of her “Mommy-and-Me” clothing line, Cortese posted a message regarding the “unhealthy mental state” she was in for months after Pivarnick’s wedding. 

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Pivarnick says she has spoken with the roommates since the wedding. “I texted all of them and I spoke to them,” she tweeted. “Deena and me had a nice convo. Nicole I’ve texted and we spoke, Jenni I texted I wanna move past this and she wrote me a novel about how I tried to sabotage her brand etc. Not saying sorry at all.”

At this time, it seems each of the roommates are going their separate ways. There have been veiled threats from both sides about exposing the truth in personal texts and group chats, but nothing has surfaced from Farley, Pivarnick, or anyone involved. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for the latest developments in this Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saga.