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Recently, two Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19): Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Angelina Larageira‘s husband Chris Larangeira. The MTV celebs opened up about their diagnosis on Instagram, but many fans were more interested Larangeira’s marriage. Thanks to one of Angelina’s Instagram posts, many fans believe she and Chris didn’t spend Christmas together. Now, there’s speculation about their marriage being “on the rocks” for the sake of the MTV series.

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' stars Chris and Angelina Larangeira pose together
Chris and Angelina Larangeira | Santiago Felipe/WireImage

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and Chris Larangeira talk COVID-19 diagnosis

Sorrentino posted a meme of himself from Jersey Shore Season 4 on Instagram the day after Christmas. The photo shows Sorrentino in his iconic neck brace, which he wore after running head-first into a concrete wall. “Pretty serious situation right now,” the meme reads. 

“Day 4 with Covid,” Sorrentino captioned the Instagram post. “Thank you to @ivsbytheseas for that vitamin drip.” It’s unclear where Sorrentino contracted the coronavirus. 

Chris also contracted the coronavirus and was sick over the holiday. “You got it too?” he commented on Sorrentino’s post. “I’m on day 8, feel better buddy.” 

After fans found out about Sorrentino’s diagnosis, they took to Reddit to discuss Sorrentino having to spend his son’s first Christmas in quarantine. But other fans were more interested Chris’ absence from the series of photos Angelina posted for the holiday. 

Angelina Larangeira spent Christmas with her sister 

On Christmas Day, Angelina shared a series of photos to Instagram featuring herself and her sister, but no Chris. “Merry Christmas everyone,” the reality star wrote in her caption, adding: 

“I know life’s a little crazy right now for everyone, but keep on smiling and loving life. Life is short keep your heads up. This too shall pass. This Christmas my sister and I had a very small intimate dinner together because we wanted to be as safe as we could be. Thank you @a_lyssamichael for cooking us an amazing sauce and meal. Love u sis.”

Fans think Angelina and Chris’ marriage is ‘on the rocks’ for ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ 

Before knowing about Chris’ COVID-19 diagnosis, some fans assumed he and Angelina “split” (via Reddit). Many think Angelina is “trying to keep the story going” about her and Chris having marital problems for the sake of the MTV series.

“It just seems strange, posting pictures on Christmas of you without your husband or even mentioning him?” said another Reddit user. “Weird in my book.”

“The other night she posted like 6 IG stories posing in front of the camera up close and blatantly showing her hand without her wedding rings on,” another fan pointed out. “I think they might be on a break and used her leaving to film as the trial run separation and decided they were better off.”


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“Every time before the new JSFV, she fakes her marriage is on the rocks for ratings,” wrote another fan, who continued:

“It’s nice Chris lets her bash him and their relationship on TV just for a paycheck. She’ll do anything MTV producers say and take any storyline they give her because she is so happy MTV let her back on the show and are paying her. So much of this show is clearly scripted (not just Angelina’s story line), but I can’t stop watching anyway.”

One fan considered the possibility the Larangeira’s were separate over the holiday because of Chris’ diagnosis. “Well I guess that’s why Angelina was just with her sister on Christmas,” a fan pointed out in separate thread.

Tune in to the new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation to see how Angelina and Chris’ relationship plays out. Season 5 begins on MTV on Jan. 6, 2022 at 8 PM EST.