‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’: Is Angelina Pivarnick’s Grandma Really Psychic?

Jersey Shore‘s Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni “JWoww” Farley haven’t always gotten along. Fortunately, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has allowed the two to set aside their differences and start to form a friendship.

In helping Pivarnick orchestrate a prenuptial agreement before her wedding, Farley learned that her then-boyfriend Zack Carpinello may not have been the man she thought he was, thanks to Pivarnick’s psychically-gifted grandmother.

Angelina Pivarnick's grandma's prediction Jenni Farley Zack Carpinello
Angelina Pivarnick, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, Deena Cortese, and Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi | Noam Galai/Getty Images for BuzzFeed

JWoww and Angelina’s blossoming friendship

Historically, Farley and Pivarnick shared a great dislike for each other. Thanks to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Pivarnick was given a third chance to become part of the family. Throughout the series, Pivarnick has had her fair share of disagreements with Farley — all of which stemmed from the infamous night in Las Vegas where Carpinello put his hands on Pivarnick, and later, accusing her of trying to kiss him.

Those rumors fueled the argument Pivarnick and Farley had over dinner, where Farley accused Pivarnick of being a liar after claiming she had her nipple pierced.

Fortunately, Farley and Pivarnick have since put that drama behind them. They have been living in peace thus far on this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Angelina’s grandmother’s predictions 

This season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has focused on Pivarnick planning her wedding to Chris Larangeira. In the “Prenups and Misdemeanors” episode, Farley helped Pivarnick organize a prenuptial agreement while Deena Cortese and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi orchestrated Pivarnick’s bachelorette party. 

As Pivarnick gathered her thoughts for the family lawyer Farley invited over, Pivarnick’s grandma called. While much of her call was incomprehensible, what Farley did hear was Pivarnick’s “batsh*t crazy” grandmother say: “I read [Zack]. Don’t trust him. He’s not truthful, and he’s a liar. He just wants publicity. Just be on your guard. He’s a user.”

With extensive experience in dating “bad boys,” Pivarnick’s grandma offered Farley this advice: “I went out with gangsters. Let me tell you something: I would rather suck on a banana. It’s healthier. Because d*ck, it’s too f*cking dirty.”

Farley was unsure of whether or not to trust Pivarnick’s grandmother’s psychic ability, but Pivarnick mentioned how she previously read Farley and predicted her divorce from Roger Mathews. In the episode, Farley respected what Pivarnick’s grandmother had to say. “When it comes to grandmas and me, I’ll never disrespect them,” Farley explained, adding: “They could literally say, ‘Zack is a mass murderer,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Mm-hm. Whatever grandma says.'”

Is Angelina’s grandma right? 

At the end of the episode, Carpinello dropped Farley off at the shore house, but he stopped in to meet the Sorrentino’s before leaving. In an awkward moment waiting for Farley to summon the guys in the house, Carpinello greeted Pivarnick, who he hadn’t seen since their Las Vegas trip. 

Once everyone had gathered in the living room, Carpinello explained how he had been trying to get Farley to be part of one of his wrestling performances. He claimed if the rest of the Jersey Shore cast were part of the show, Farley would be more willing to do it.

All Pivarnick could think about was what her grandma said. “All of a sudden, I think about what my grandmother said today,” Pivarnick told the camera in a one-on-one interview. She continued: “That he’s using Jenni and he’s not a good guy. Ding ding ding. Grandma is right again.”

In the past, Farley had expressed concern when it came to introducing Carpinello into her life. Farley even said introducing Carpinello to her roommates was like “throwing him to a pack of wolves.” Despite his minor appearance this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Farley has said she wants to keep her relationship with Carpinello off-camera.