‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’: Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Explains Watering the Driveway

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino watered his driveway in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode “Meatballs Don’t Hike.” If you’re a fan of the MTV reality series wondering why Sorrentino took Baby Romeo outside to “water the driveway,” we’ve got an explanation for you. Plus, find out what else transpired at “The Situation’s” household during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5, Episode 4

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, who waters his driveway, poses for a photo while pointing his fingers
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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino waters his driveway in ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ 

In “Meatballs Don’t Hike,” Sorrentino introduces Romeo to a very important practice. “Alright, Romies, Daddy’s gotta water the driveways right now,” he tells his son in the episode. Donning his bathrobe a la Tony Soprano, Sorrentino took to his driveway to hose it down with water. 

Sorrentino continued, “Daddy’s gotta do what Daddy’s gotta do. I gotta clean the areas.” 

“My daddy, he watered the driveway,” Sorrentino continued, explaining the history of the process to Romeo Reign.

“His daddy, he watered the driveway. And also his daddy’s daddy watered the driveway. One day, you will be watering your own driveway. The student will become the teacher.” 

Watering the driveway is ‘necessary for mental health’ 

Like many Jersey Shore: Family Vacation castmates, Sorrentino live-tweets when new episodes air. Sorrentino addressed his watering the driveway on Twitter for fans who were curious about the practice.

“Watering the driveway and blowing the driveway for leaves is an Italian tradition,” Sorrentino explained. “[It] is necessary for mental health.” 

Sorrentino elaborated in another tweet, saying: “The Italian tradition requires constant watering of one’s driveway.” It’s as simple as that, Jersey Shore fans. Watering the driveway is a guido pastime. 

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino plans to pass on other traditions to Romeo

Watering the driveway isn’t the only tradition Sorrentino plans to share with Romeo. As discussed on the Here’s the Sitch podcast in March 2021, Sorrentino intends to celebrate his “soberversary” with his son every year.

Although Romeo won’t understand it initially, the Sorrentinos emphasized the importance of sharing his sobriety with their son. “Daddy’s a sober legend,” he says in the “Lay the Foundation” episode. The couple hopes celebrating each year will instill positive values in their son and inspire him to make good choices.

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Season 5, Episode 4 recap 

A lot happened in “Meatballs Don’t Hike” outside of Sorrentino watering his driveway. The feud between Angelina Larangeira and Vinny Guadagnino continued.

In the episode prior, “Hollywood Shore,” Larangeira started a rumor about Gudagnino getting a girl pregnant. That tensioned carried through to episode 4.  

“I don’t have beef with Chris,” Guadagnino told Larangeira in the episode. “What you did was a bad move and I don’t have s*** with you anymore.”

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Meanwhile, the Sorrentinos started planning Romeo’s baptism, but they hit a snag when they couldn’t find records of Sorrentino’s sacraments. “If we can’t find my sacraments, we can’t baptize Romeo,” Sorrentino told cameras. So, the couple got to work planning a “Blessification” for Sorrentino so he could renew his baptismal sacrament.

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