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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation wrapped up season 4 on Sept. 9 with a “Meatball” special. Deena Cortese, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Angelina Larageira, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi talked about their favorite moments from season 4 and shared some never-before-seen clips with fans. The Jersey Shore cast also revealed what fans should expect from the recently confirmed future seasons of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Deena Cortese, Jenni 'JWoww' Farley, Angelina Pivarnick, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi popping out of a cake, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, DJ Pauly D, and Vinny Guadagnino in a promotional image for 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'
‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Cast | MTV

‘Jersey Shore’ cast host ‘Meatball Wrap-Up Special’ for season 4 

During the season 4 finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the show’s executive producer took to Twitter to tease there was more to come from the roommates. The “Meatball Wrap-Up Special” aired Sept. 9 featuring the women of Jersey Shore. Together, they drank wine and ran through highlights of their trip to the Poconos, including Guido Mania and “Dren‘s” visit. 

At the end of the special, Deena, Jenni, Angelina, and Nicole also teased a few details about the upcoming season of the reality series. Unfortunately, no air date was announced. 

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ fans will get to meet the roommates’ new babies in season 5

In May 2021, Deena welcomed her second son, Cameron, into the world. Meanwhile, Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino welcomed their first-born son, Romeo Reign. 

“Big Daddy Sitch” was spotted working out with Romeo in the clips MTV aired from the new season. In another clip, Deena’s son is seen being held by “Snooki.” 

During the Here’s the Sitch podcast, Mike and Lauren briefly touched on filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5. “Wherever we go, Romeo will probably be joining because we are not leaving him behind,” Lauren says during the “Handling Haters” episode. 


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So far, the roommates have only filmed footage locally for the new season. But there have been rumblings about a trip being planned for the cast. Wherever that is, the Sorrentino’s want to bring a family member along to help out with the baby. 

“We’ll definitely want to make sure that he’s there,” she adds. “He’s too young. We’re not leaving him home. He’ll be with us at all times.” 

Angelina Pivarnick wants to freeze her eggs 

Angelina Larangeria and her husband Chris talked a lot about their marriage — including the possibility of divorce — during the beginning of season 4. But the future looks bright for the reality TV couple. 

At the end of the wrap-up special, the women toast to Angelina, who might try to have kids soon. “Maybe freezing my eggs, we’ll see,” she tells her roommates. 

Cut to a scene of Vinny Guadagnino asking her about having kids. “I mean I would like to…” Angelina says as Vinny cuts her off. “—have a marriage first?” he laughs.

“JWoww” got engaged to Zack “24” Carpinello on her 35th birthday in February 2021. The couple shared their engagement with the roommates during their trip to the Poconos in season 4. 

At this time, the couple’s wedding plans are under wraps. But the roommates did tease the idea of possibly including Jenni’s wedding planning and/or wedding in future seasons of the show. 

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