‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Viewers Convinced Cast Has ‘Grown Apart’ and Are ‘Toxic’ Towards Each Other

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation viewers appear convinced the cast, who have worked together on two different reality series for over 12 years, have finally “grown apart.” This observation came on the heels of the series’ most recent episode, “The Pool Party.” In this particular installment, cast members fought harder than they played, as each pointed fingers at the other as the source of the group’s ongoing drama.

Nicole Polizzi and Deena Cortese star on season 5 of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.'
Nicole Polizzi and Deena Cortese of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ | Viacom/MTV Press

‘The Pool Party’ had the season’s most difficult scenes to watch

As the cast members headed off to San Diego, California, for another group trip, drama lingered between Angelina Pivarnick, Mike Sorrentino, and Jenni Farley.

Pivarnick remained angry at Sorrentino for engaging with her ex-husband Chris Larangeira and alleging she leaked the wedding speech that splintered the group to the press.

The reality star also took issue with Farley for going to Twitter over the allegations. Farley was upset with Pivarnick about the leaking rumor and with Sorrentino for playing both sides. She also claimed Sorrentino was a “pot-stirrer” for wanting to interview Pivarnick’s alleged boyfriend on his podcast with his wife, Lauren.

It was then that Pivarnick confronted the Sorrentinos, who shot back. Sorrentino called his castmate’s life “a mess,” while Lauren said the interview was “a bad taste joke.”

The episode was a myriad of finger-pointing, screaming, cursing, and bad behavior on the part of the castmates who claim they are real friends.

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ fans convinced the cast has ‘grown apart’ and demonstrated ‘toxic’ behavior

In a Reddit post titled “the cast is toxic for each other,” users wrote of different circumstances where they saw inappropriate behavior between stars of the MTV series even though they say they are a family.

JSFV needs to end, for all of their mental health. Most of the cast are people that have a sketchy moral compass,” wrote one fan. They continued, “Seasons 1-3 of OG Jersey Shore are unmatched and some of the best reality tv the world has ever seen, but 4-6 are dark and uncomfortable to watch because they all become too toxic to be around each other.”

“The OG Jersey Shore made sense at the time. They were in their 20s and loved to party. But JSFV is like living with your high school or college friend group as an adult. It’s way different when you’re a parent, married, sober, etc.,” penned a second viewer.

“I agree! They do need to end it. It’s exhausting, and I am tired of seeing Jenni and Mike bully other people. I’m not too fond of Lauren and Mike. It’s quite obvious most of the cast doesn’t like each other,” claimed a third Reddit user.

“I don’t think it needs to end, maybe redirected or revamped. I liked seasons 1 & 2, and the Friendsgiving and Deena’s yacht party have been my favorite episodes so far (The sea-caucus episode is up there too). However, I like it when they get together for the trips, but the cooked-up for tv drama needs to go,” wrote a fourth viewer.

Will the drama continue on the next episode of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?’

According to an episode synopsis, the JSFV cast will travel from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Then, they will head back toward the East Coast and Atlantic City, New Jersey, before settling on the Jersey Shore for an extended period.

In a teaser for the upcoming episode, all appears well between the castmates.

However there is one moment when Vinny Guadagnino poses a question of castmates Sorrentino, Farley, Pivarnick, Nicole Polizzi, Pauly DelVecchio, and Deena Cortese.

“With friends like you,” he begins. They respond with, “who needs enemies.”

“That’s right,” Cortese deadpans.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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