‘Jersey Shore’ Fan Slides Into Vinny Guadagnino’s DM’s, Here’s What Happened

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans know the “Keto Guido” is a flirt. After all, the reality star sells shirts from the Vinny G Shop that read: “Slide In My DMs.” After watching Double Shot at Love, one fan decided to take Vinny Guadagnino up on his offer. Find out how the Jersey Shore star reacted to a flirty fan. 

Vinny Guadagnino DMs are always open, according to the MTV star
Vinny Guadagnino | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Vinny Guagagnino is single 

In April of 2019, MTV gave Guadagnino and his best friend Pauly DelVecchio a “shot at love.” The Jersey Shore stars lived in a house with 20-some women hoping to find “the one.” At the end of season 1, Guadagnino asked Alysse Joyner to be his girlfriend. But by the reunion special, the two were no longer together. 

When season 2 of Double Shot at Love rolled around, Guadagnino lived and worked in Las Vegas with his exes. He and Maria Elizondo rekindled their old flame from season 1. Despite going on a date and sleeping together, the two left Las Vegas single. Guadagnino is still flirty with Elizondo, but he’s also allegedly flirty with anyone who slides into his DMs. 

A fan shares her experience flirting with Vinny Guadagnino after watching ‘Double Shot at Love’ 

One fan shared her experience of watching Double Shot at Love while she was sick with the coronavirus (COVID-19). “Vinny sent six girls home and said something along the lines of ‘My DMs are always open, hit me up,'” the fan expained in a TikTok post. She took it upon herself to message Guadagnino on Instagram.

“See for yourself what a f*cking entitled, dry-a*s this man is. That’s all I have to say.” She proceeded to post a video of her conversation with Guadagnino, which started with: “So it’s true, your dm’s are always open?” 

Her conversation with the Jersey Shore star continued. “Perhaps,” Guadagnino replied. The Double Shot at Love fan thought Guadagnino’s DM’s might have been closed, considering how it “took [him] a couple weeks to answer.” Guadagnino replied with a joke, saying his messages were “on lockdown” but open once again. 

Fans defend ‘Jersey Shore’ star after TikTok user shares Vinny Guadagnino’s DMs

Her conversation with Guadagnino continued. “Before we go back into lockdown, are these going to remain open?” she replied. “Depends,” said Guadagnino. “When they get bored they shut down again.”

The TikTok user promised Guadagnino he wouldn’t get bored and attempted to make a plan. “When are you available to make some time for me?” she asked. “[You’re] in the DMs now, what’s up,” Guadagnino said. Then, he asked for her Snapchat username, to which she replied: “Snap is a no for me,” and provided her phone number. 

Unfortunately, Guadagnino didn’t seem interested in this fan. “We didn’t graduate to text yet,” he said, following with a compliment: “I like your eyes.” Once again, the fan aksed if Guadagnino would like to meet up in person, to which he said: “I’m not even ready to text, you think I’m gonna see [your eyes] in person?” The conversation must have bored Guadagnino, who stopped answering briefly. When the fan followed up, he concluded: “[You] said I won’t get bored. Not gonna lie, a little bored.” 

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“Honestly because you’re being a little mean, [I don’t know] how to read you,” the fan wrote back. When others found out about Guadagnino’s messages, many defended the reality star. “He was being honest,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “She said he won’t get bored, then he became transparent about that. If he left her on read instead it would [have] still been a problem.” Like this fan, many don’t see where Guadagnino was “mean” in the conversation. Most are glad he was honest!