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Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino are going to be parents! The Situations are expecting a baby boy to arrive in May 2021. While most Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans are excited about Baby Sorrentino, there’s one aspect of the Situation’s very public pregnancy that is causing some people to “mom shame” Lauren. 

Lauren and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Lauren and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino’s baby has an Instagram profile 

Lauren, who has experienced a miscarriage in the past, knows all too well how painful it can be to watch someone go through the joys of pregnancy when they are unable to conceive or grieving the loss of a baby. That is why she created a separate social media profile for Baby Sitch. Now, fans who want to follow along on her pregnancy journey can do so at their leisure. 

To give Jersey Shore fans as much information as possible without inundating her social media feed, the “It’s Baby Situation” account was born. 

Despite the account only having six posts, Baby Sorrentino has over 197,000 followers so far. The latest post shows Lauren at 16-weeks pregnant. 

Some ‘Jersey Shore’ fans think Baby Situation’s Instagram account is ‘weird’

While most fans are happy for the Sorrentinos to finally start their own family, some find it odd that they have created an entirely separate social media profile for their unborn baby. 

“Is this what people do now when they are expecting?” a fan asked on Reddit. “Make an Instagram page with the unborn baby giving an update???”

The shaming continued with another fan who said: “I don’t know but it’s weird.” 

“I didn’t want to come across as a jerk as I am genuinely happy for them,” the original poster added. “I just thought it was strange. I am assuming this baby will be part of their social media empire.” 

“Same!!” another added. “So cringe thinking of my child growing up and finding all this stuff that was posted publicly online. Pregnancy progress is one thing but speaking as your child is so *grimace*.” 

Fans are defending Lauren Sorrentino against the ‘mom shamers’ 

While some fans agreed with the original poster, others were discouraged by the “mom-shaming” going on in the comments.

“If I ever have kids, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to post a little bit and share with family and friends,” a user commented. They admitted they probably wouldn’t go “over the top” and make a separate social media account, but pointed out that they’ve “seen plenty of people that do this and turn out just fine.” 


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This fan also expressed their disappointment in the “mom-shaming” going on in the forum. 

“And anyone who tries to mom shame Lauren or any other mom for that matter is an a*shole in my eyes,” they added. “No one has the right to do that. What do people gain from doing that or being petty and cruel towards a child?”

Fortunately, Lauren has been in the public eye for some time. Unfortunately, the negative comments come with the territory. As one fan pointed out, “hopefully she has a thick skin and can handle all the mom shamers that are out there.”