‘Jersey Shore’ Fans Disappointed With Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino After Finding Out This Detail About His Probation

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is in hot water once again. Many fans are outraged with “Big Daddy Sitch” after learning more about his failure to meet a post-prison requirement. 

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino went to prison for tax evasion 

Sorrentino and his brother Marc were charged with tax fraud in 2014. Sorrentino wasn’t paying the government for his earnings from Jersey Shore, which totaled some $8.9 million at the time (via Market Watch).

Instead of paying his taxes, Sorrentino flew under the government’s radar. He made structured deposits that totaled less than $10,000 into various bank accounts to avoid government detection. The Chicago Tribune also reported Sorrentino as claiming luxury purchases as business expenses.

Sorrentino’s brother pled guilty for tax evasion, serving two years in prison. Sorrentino later served eight months in prison for the same sentence from January to September 2019. 

‘The Situation’ still owes a few community service hours 

Part of Sorrentino’s tax-evasion sentence was to complete community service. According to TMZ, Sorrentino has yet to meet those requirements.

Sorrentino allegedly only completed 18 of the 500 hours of required community service. In the documents obtained by the media outlet, the probation officer referenced repeated attempts to get Sorrentino to complete his community service. 

Sorrentino was scheduled to complete some volunteer hours in August 2020 but did not attend due to COVID-19 concerns. What’s more, the probation officer claimed they reminded Sorrentino “‘at nearly every interaction to find a venue for community service, including service that could be performed from home.'”

According to the probation officer, Sorrentino has made minimal effort to complete his volunteer time. This information has been presented to the judge, who will issue Sorrentino a written warning about completing his community service hours. 

‘Jersey Shore’ fans are disappointed in Mike Sorrentino for not completing his community service

When Jersey Shore fans found out Sorrentino was skimping on the community service portion of his sentence, many of them became outraged. Some are even saying they don’t believe Sorrentino’s “changed man” attitude. 

“This is why I didn’t believe any of his changed man bullsh*t,” a user shared on Reddit, continuing:

Even him doing the 12 steps on TV looked fake. Mike having access to all the public tax-funded services he avoided paying for during those years never sat right with me.

I always think of how much money could have gone to state-funded drug and alcohol programs for people who weren’t millionaires and couldn’t afford to go to a seasons resort rehab.

Many other Reddit users agreed with this fan, calling Sorrentino’s positive attitude a farce. 

“He has REALLY been hamming it up for the cameras this season,” another fan added. “That just makes me aware that these guys absolutely know cameras are rolling & how things will look in the public light (after all the exposure they received previously) and are trying to just look good on TV. Or in Sitch’s case, sell t-shirts with positive slogans on it.”


‘Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Said This Was Always on TV in Prison

That same fan took one of Sorrentino’s quotes to heart, evaluating what it likely means for him today.

“He actually had one of his quotes this season which made me think he tells it to himself every day,” they said. “‘What you give out, you receive.’ He used to give out hate, got a lot of hate. Now he is giving out love and hoping for it in return. Nothing wrong with this, but it just seems disingenuous a lot of the time.”

Sorrentino has not commented publicly on his community service at this time.