‘Jersey Shore’ Fans Have Spoken; The Spin-off Series They Want to See

MTV’s reality series Jersey Shore has already had several spin-off series, including the very successful Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Now, thanks to a recent Reddit poll, fans have decided once and for all the spin-off they want MTV to pursue next. For many, there’s only one Jersey Shore family fans want to see a spin-off series about. 

Vinny Guadagnino, Paul 'DJ Pauly D' DelVecchio, Deena Cortese, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Jenni 'JWoww' Farley and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino attend MTV's "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" New York premiere
Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly DelVecchio, Deena Cortese, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MTV

‘Jersey Shore’ has several spin-off series 

The original Jersey Shore debuted in 2009. Three years later, breakout stars Pauly DelVecchio, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Jenni “JWoww” Farley landed their own spin-off series on MTV. 

DelVecchio starred in The Pauly D Project, a show about his pursuit of becoming a famous DJ. DelVecchio’s hometown friends, including Gerard “Big Jerry” Gialanella, Jason “JROC” Craig, Michael “Biggie” Morgan, and Ryan Labbe, joined him in the spin-off. The Pauly D Project only lasted for one season, ending on June 14, 2012. 

Meanwhile, Polizzi and Farley also got a spin-off series in 2012. Snooki & JWoww followed Polizzi and Farley in a Laverne & Shirley-style show. Together, they planned Polizzi’s wedding and welcomed their firstborn children. 

Snooki & JWoww ran for four seasons before getting canceled in 2015. Farley has recently talked about her desire to do another spin-off series with Polizzi and their Jersey Shore: Family Vacation co-star Deena Cortese.

‘Jersey Shore’ fans want a spin-off series that follows Mike ‘The Situation’ and Lauren Sorrentino 

According to a poll on Reddit, fans want to see a spin-off series about the Sorrentinos most. DelVecchio and his girlfriend Nikki Hall were a close second with 366 votes from fans. 

Since “The Situation’s” prison sentence, his comeback story has been a major hit with many Jersey Shore fans. Proving “the comeback is always greater than the setback” has many Jersey Shore: Family Vacation viewers wanting more from Sorrentino.

Plus, since Mike and Lauren welcomed their son Romeo Reign into the world, fans have never wanted a closer look inside the Sorrentino’s life. “Honestly I think Mike can have his own spin-off show and people would watch it,” one fan replied in the thread

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino had a ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off in 2014

“The Situation” was the star of The Sorrentinos, a short-lived series that followed Mike and his family after Jersey Shore ended. “What happens after overnight superstardom based on bad behavior?” the IMDb description reads. 

The Sorrentinos only lasted for one season. But fans cans till stream episodes of The Sorrentinos through Pop TV

Will Mike ‘The Situation’ and Lauren Sorrentino ever get a spin-off series? 

At this point, it’s unclear if Mike and Lauren will ever get a series that solely focuses on their family. The two have been featured in more current Jersey Shore spin-offs, including Double Shot at Love. Of course, they’re both part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, too. 

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For now, it seems like Mike and Lauren are focused on raising their son. Plus, they have several other pursuits outside of filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that keep them busy.

But who knows what the future holds for the Sorrentinos! Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on the potential of a Sorrentino spin-off series.