‘Jersey Shore’: Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Ex Paula Pickard Speaks Out About Her Time on the Series

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is a happily married man. But on the early days of Jersey Shore, “The Situation” was something of a Lothario. One of his summer flings was Paula Pickard, a recurring interest for Sorrentino throughout the MTV series. Recently, Pickard took to social media to address fans who believe she wished she ended up with Sorrentino. 

Paula Pickard and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Paula Pickard and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino | MTV

Paula Pickard has no regrets but wishes to separate herself from ‘Jersey Shore’ 

Pickard, a New Jersey makeup artist, shared a raw photo of herself sans makeup on Instagram on Dec. 20. 

“As much as I love makeup, doing it and the whole magic of it all, I’m not ashamed of my bare, beginning to age face lol,” she said in the caption. “I have many insecurities, but this is not one.

Pickard went on to address how many of her followers are Jersey Shore fans. “Most of you that follow me [do so] because you saw me on a show ten years ago making a fool out of myself, being naive with shameful duck nails that I can’t apologize enough for.”

Pickard admitted she is focusing on herself now — not her Jersey Shore past.

“As I try to build my name and brand, these are the things I try to separate myself from as I try to gain a new demographic while being the real me always,” she added.

Pickard also addressed how she never earned a dime for being affiliated with Jersey Shore.

“Nor was I trying to [make any money],” she said. “I have no regrets on how everything turned out for me and I have a very beautiful life and beautiful family that I am ever so grateful and fortunate to have.

Some ‘Jersey Shore’ viewers have attacked Paula Pickard for not staying with ‘The Situation’ 

Pickard appeared on numerous episodes of Jersey Shore as Sorrentino’s on-again-off-again fling. The two never committed to a relationship — something some fans think Pickard still regrets. 

“Recently someone made a comment about me saying ‘that I’m mad I didn’t try to secure that bag'” Pickard mentioned in her Instagram caption. “I won’t go into detail about what this troll was referring to in particular, but I’m sure [you] can guess. To me, a happy life is not about being instagram perfect or being the person that everyone wants to be or have the life that everyone wants.” 

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Pickard explained how she sets her goals and talked about her mentors, some of whom work directly with “people [she doesn’t] associate with anymore” — likely the cast of Jersey Shore

“While it seems awkward, I won’t hinder my dreams of becoming who I want to become even this late in the game simply because of who they work for,” Pickard concluded. 

Other ‘Jersey Shore’ fans support Paula Pickard’s new journey 

When Jersey Shore fans got wind of Pickard’s post, they took to Reddit to discuss. 

“This makes me sad!” one fan said. “I really liked Paula on the show and I don’t think she should need to defend herself.” 

“She seems genuine,” another commented. “Need more like her. People are such a*sholes on social media.”

While there are certain fans who feel the need to attack Pickard on social media, it’s obvious both she and Sorrentino have moved on.