‘Jersey Shore’: Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi ‘Wants Better’ for Her Kids Instead of a Job in Reality TV

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her Jersey Shore roommates were recognized as “Reality Royalty” at MTV’s 2021 Movie and TV Awards. Naturally, Polizzi’s kids following in her footsteps and becoming reality stars would make sense to many Jersey Shore fans

Polizzi has a good reason for excluding her kids from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation thus far. But fans can expect to see Giovanna “Sissy” LaValle in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5. Ironically, Polizzi has some thoughts about why she doesn’t necessarily want her kids to become reality TV. 

'Jersey Shore' star and mother of three kids Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi poses in front of a Build Studio step and repeat
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‘Snooki’ has excluded her kids from ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ because it’s truly her vacation 

In the past, Polizzi’s husband and three children haven’t been part of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation narrative. Jionni LaValle outwardly said he doesn’t enjoy being part of the show. However, he supports his wife’s career in reality TV. 

As Polizzi explained in an interview with Allison Kugel when Jersey Shore: Family Vacation started, the show is as much of a break for her as it is a job. “We’re always home with our kids, so we all just wanted to get away from our lives for a second and re-live us being roomies again,” she said. 


Plus, Polizzi didn’t feel it was “worth it” to pull her kids out of school to film the MTV series. At the time, Polizzi also had reservations about bringing her kids into a reunion sort of environment. “Bringing everyone else in would be crazy,” she admitted. 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi ‘wants better’ for her kids

One of Polizzi’s most commonly asked questions is about her kids joining her in the world of reality TV. “I always say that I’m the mom that wants better for them,” the reality star tells the Betches Moms podcast. “Go be a doctor, be a lawyer, be the Queen of England, like something serious and life-changing.” 

“Snooki” says if her kids ever wanted to do reality television, she would support them. However, she admits she “kinda just want[s] it to be [her] thing.” 

“This is mommy’s job,” she concludes. “I want [my kids] to like be a veterinarian.” Her daughter has similar aspirations as Polizzi, who went to veterinary technical school before being cast for Jersey Shore. “‘Sissy’ loves animals,” Polizzi mentions on the podcast. 

But right now, they’re still very young. Being part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is their first taste of reality stardom.

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ will feature ‘Sissy’ 

Filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 is underway, which means we could have new episodes in early 2022. According to the roommates’ social media pages, Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Deena Cortese, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino brought their children to the Isla Bella Resort in Marathon, Florida, to film. 

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Polizzi had “Sissy” in tow. Sorrentino’s son Romeo Reign, Farley’s two kids, and Deena’s two kids were there, too. Many fans are excited to see more from what could potentially become the next generation of Jersey Shore

‘Snooki’s Messy Mawma wine was inspired by her kids 

Aside from joining Polizzi on the season 5 family vacation, Giovanna and her siblings Lorenzo and Angelo inspire Polizzi’s work in other ways, too. “… if anything, they actually helped me name my wine, Tantrum Chardonnay and Chaos Cabernet [Sauvignon],” Polizzi mentions on the Betches podcast.

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