‘Jersey Shore’: DJ Pauly D Shares the Best Thing Girlfriend Nikki Hall Cooks for Him

Double Shot at Love stars Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall are happily together. Many fans know of Hall’s love for cooking, but some wonder what DelVecchio’s favorite dish is that Hall makes for him.

During a Zoom call with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the Jersey Shore star shared the best thing Hall prepares for him in the kitchen. Plus, DelVecchio revealed the one thing he’s better at cooking than Hall.

Pauly D and his girlfriend Nikki Hall from 'Double Shot at Love'
Pauly DelVecchio & Nikki Hall | MTV

Pauly D’s girlfriend is a great cook 

As documented on her social media, Hall loves to cook. She started her own series of posts called “Cooking With Nikki,” where she shares step-by-step recipes with her fans. Hall’s passion for food has been one of DelVecchio’s favorite things about being with her. 

“She enjoys cooking, I enjoy eating,” DelVecchio admitted during the Double Shot at Love Season 2 reunion. “It’s the perfect match.”

Of course, DelVecchio also enjoys spending time with Hall watching shows, hiking, or taking his motorcycles out for a spin. At the time of the reunion, DelVecchio said the best part of being with Hall was having someone “be there” for him. 

DJ Pauly D is bringing ‘Jersey Shore’ fans Italian subs directly to their doors 

Hall might be a great cook, but DelVecchio is something of a foodie, too. He partnered with Virtual Dining Concepts and Chef Eric Greenspan to create Pauly D’s Italian Subs. The delivery-only, virtual restaurant is bringing Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans made-to-order sandwiches and salads through the GrubHub app. 

“I wanted to help out some restaurants right now [and] give them an opportunity to actually build some revenue and help them stay afloat in these times,” DelVecchio explained to Showbiz. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard. This is DelVecchio’s way of giving back. When he’s not dining on his favorite Pauly D’s Italian Sub, DelVecchio often craves his favorite dish Hall makes for him. 

Pauly D’s girlfriend Nikki Hall makes delicious chicken parmigiana

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino might have sausage and peppers on lock, but no one makes chicken parm like Hall. During our conversation with the reality star, we had to ask about Hall’s cooking. Before dating Hall, DelVecchio never had Jamaican cuisine before. Now that DelVecchio and Hall are together, Jamaican cooking is often on the menu.

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Ironically, Hall’s spicy Jamaican dishes aren’t DelVecchio’s favorite thing she cooks. “My favorite thing Nikki prepares for me is chicken parm,” DelVecchio shared. “It’s actually really good.”

Before dating the reality star, Hall had never cooked chicken parmigiana before. But when you start dating DJ Pauly D, chicken parm becomes part of your cooking repertoire. “We have it every Sunday now,” DelVecchio added. 

Pauly Delvecchio’s secret to preparing the perfect scrambled eggs for Nikki Hall

Hall might have a handle on preparing chicken parm, but she’s not the only one cooking things up in the kitchen. We asked what DelVecchio prepares for his girlfriend that she enjoys most. 

“The best thing I make for her is breakfast,” DelVecchio said. “She loves my scrambled eggs.” According to DelVecchio, there’s a special way to make scrambled eggs that even Hall can’t replicate. 

The secret to DelVecchio’s scrambled eggs? “A little bit of milk,” DelVecchio revealed. “It makes them fluffy.” He also waits to season the eggs until they’re cooked and removed from the heat. Seasoning the eggs while they’re still being fried “gives them a weird texture,” according to DelVecchio.