‘Jersey Shore’ Star DJ Pauly D Is Throwing a Quarantine Party for Fans

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star DJ Pauly “D” DelVecchio is practicing social distancing along with the rest of the world. But, to make the world a happier place, the DJ is playing a set on Facebook Live so all of his fans can party “alone together.”

DJ Pauly D
DJ Pauly D | Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

‘The Jersey Shore’ star is a popular DJ

Everyone knows DJ Pauly “D” DelVecchio from The Jersey Shore. The Rhode Island native made a name for himself early on in the series, proving to be one of the funniest and most charismatic reality stars on TV.

DelVecchio is a people person, and he’s always been a positive force on the show. And his famous catchphrases combined with his passion for pranking made him one of the most likable roommates on the show. This charisma landed the DelVecchio his very own MTV spinoff called The Pauly D Project, which followed his emerging career as a DJ.

Today, DelVecchio is one of the most popular DJs in the country. And he plays to thousands of partygoers at his events. 

Pauly D is throwing a quarantine party for his fans

With coronavirus pandemic precautions in place, DelVecchio is staying home and practicing social distancing. In an Instagram story earlier this week, the reality star shared some positive vibes.

“Social distancing is just like a date you’re on with yourself,” he says in the Instagram story. “Remember to be safe and stay at home. And when in doubt, think positive.” And now, to make the world a brighter place, the DJ is throwing his own little quarantine party, and he’s inviting everyone to join via Facebook Live. 

“I think now more than ever we could all use some Pauly D positivity, so I’ll be going live for the very first time from my Facebook,” Delvecchio said in an Instagram video yesterday. “With a live DJ set, from my home, to make everybody’s quarantine time just a little bit better.”

Most of his Jersey Shore family chimed in with excitement over the idea. “Quarantine about to be lit,” commented Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife Lauren. “Can I get a vodker bottle,” wrote Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

And Pauly D’s best Jersey Shore buddy, Vinny Guadagnino also took the opportunity to throw in a little fun of his own. “How much to get in?” he joked in the post’s comments. “I have 7 people with me…6 guys…we’ll buy one bottle of svedka.”

‘The Jersey Shore’ star goes live today

In an Instagram post, DelVecchio reminded fans to join him on Facebook Live on Friday, March 20, at 5:30 p.m. ET. 

“I hope you’re someplace safe, staying at home, washing them hands,” he said. “Don’t forget I’m going live on my Facebook today — with a live DJ set from my home. And you’re all invited. Who said staying at home couldn’t be lit? We can get through this alone together.”

It’s nice to see DelVecchio sharing his positivity with his fans. With all that’s going on in the world, a little quarantine party might just be the perfect distraction.