‘Jersey Shore’ Star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi: ‘F**k It’ Producers ‘Forced’ Me to Ruin Angelina Pivarnick’s Wedding

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi came under fire last fall for roasting Angelina Pivarnick at her wedding. Deena Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley also took part in the controversial speech, and fans were very displeased by the cruel and hurtful things they shared. The wedding is currently playing out on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Polizzi now claims that producers forced her to ruin Pivarnick’s wedding.

Jersey Shore Nicole Snooki Polizzi
‘Jersey Shore’ star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Inside Polizzi’s controversial speech

Polizzi, Cortese, and Farley were all bridesmaids at Pivarnick’s wedding, which took place last November. At one point during the ceremony, the Jersey Shore stars decided to give an impromptu speech, the likes of which caused Pivarnick to walk out.

Last fall, a video of the speech surfaced online, revealing exactly what the trio said to Pivarnick on her wedding day. According to Heavy, Polizzi started the mudslinging by saying that Pivarnick was a “fly on my sh*t.”

The comment prompted the other two to say that Pivarnick was the “throw up to our hangovers,” the “dump to our island,” and the “trash to our bags.”

Guests at the wedding thought the speech was a gag for Jersey Shore at first and that Pivarnick was in the loop. But after it became obvious that the women were being purposefully hurtful, wedding guests started booing.

Pivarnick eventually walked out and did not return to the ceremony for an hour. At the time, all three reality stars said that the speech was a joke and that they did not mean to ruin the wedding.

Polizzi opens up about the wedding roast

Fast forward a few months and the wedding is now taking center stage on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. With fans still unhappy over what happened, Polizzi recently opened up about the wedding fiasco during her podcast, It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey.

According to The Ashley Reality Roundup, Polizzi told her followers that she never wanted to give a speech in the first place. She felt like it wasn’t her place to say anything at the wedding, but Jersey Shore producers urged her to start some drama.

“Well, we’re not really supposed to talk about but…f**k it, it’s my podcast,” Polizzi stated. “I literally told producers, ‘I’m not going to do a speech because I’m not comfortable doing one; I don’t think we should be doing one,” Nicole said. “[I said] ‘We’re not going to make a mockery of this wedding’ and of course we were forced to do something we didn’t want to do.”

Polizzi added that she was also against the dance routine the men from Jersey Shore did at the ceremony. Instead, she wanted to simply enjoy Pivarnick’s wedding and not turn it into a reality show.

But considering how MTV paid for the wedding, she wasn’t surprised that producers wanted to create drama.

Polizzi tried to say no to ‘Jersey Shore’ producers

Shortly after the first video leaked, Cortese took to social media and assured fans that producers were the ones who forced them to make the speech. The Jersey Shore star quickly deleted the post, and Polizzi confirmed that she was right in blaming the producers.

“Deena was correct, producers forced us to do the speech. I literally said ‘no’ like 10 times,” Polizzi shared.

Polizzi went on to say that she felt like Pivarnick’s sister, who was the maid of honor, should have been the one who gave the speech. She also assured her listeners that she was “really uncomfortable” throughout the roast.


“I was like, ‘I’m not doing a f**king speech…I don’t like to be forced to do something I’m not comfortable with and that’s what Deena was talking about,” she added.

Although Pivarnick was clearly upset over what happened, she recently addressed the situation on Instagram.

Has Pivarnick forgiven Polizzi?

Taking to social media, Pivarnick told her followers that she has since forgiven Polizzi, Cortese, and Farley for what they said during her wedding. She did, however, admit that it took her a long time to get over the roast.

In response to Pivarnick’s post, Polizzi revealed that she is happy that her former Jersey Shore co-star has forgiven her. She also claims that she never wanted to ruin her wedding in the first place.

“I’m really glad that Angelina knows that we weren’t being spiteful and being a**holes because we truly wanted the best wedding for her,” Polizzi said. “We did so much to help her be comfortable and help her with the wedding and stuff, so I’m really glad that she realizes that weren’t not f**king a**holes and we truly didn’t mean to ruin her wedding.”

The Jersey Shore star noted that Pivarnick did give up some control over her wedding when she agreed to allow MTV to foot the bill. Luckily, it sounds like everyone involved in the drama has moved on and is on much better terms.

Back in December, Polizzi announced that she will no longer be a part of Jersey Shore moving forward. The reality star told her followers that she filming the current season was a “nightmare” and that she is totally over the drama.

Jersey Shore producers have yet to say who will be replacing Polizzi next season, though several of her co-stars have tried to convince her to stay.