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Angelina Pivarnick is one of the unique roommates on Jersey Shore. From her lewd language to her luggage choice, Pivarnick has made a lasting impression on her roommates and fans. 

Find out why Pivarnick used trash bags for luggage on the first season of Jersey Shore.

Angelina Pivarnick trash bags
Angelina Pivarnick | Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images

Angelina’s affordable luggage

During the pilot episode of Jersey Shore, each of the roommates arrives at the house one by one. Pivarnick is the last to get there, and when she walks in, she’s carrying trash bags. Everyone immediately takes notice. “Thought that was ghetto and weird like you can’t find a suitcase?” Pauly DelVecchio says to cameras, adding: “No one in your family has a suitcase you could borrow?” 

Angelina wasn’t part of ‘Jersey Shore’ for very long 

Before Jersey Shore Season 1 came to an end, Pivarnick and Shore Store owner Danny Merk got into it. After refusing to go to work because of an argument with her boyfriend, Pivarnick disrespectfully ignored Merk and locked herself in the bathroom. When she finally opened the door, he explained how she needed to work to stay in his home. “I just want to leave,” Pivarnick says to cameras. Ironically, she packs many of her things in a small plastic bag and leaves the shore house — and the show.

Despite her lousy impression on Merk, Pivarnick returned to the show when the roommates went to Miami. A former producer for the series shared on Reddit how Pivarnick “made it clear that she hated everyone [in the house]” that season. In the producer’s opinion, Pivarnick only returned to the show for the Miami season because “the show had become lucrative.” 

The trash bags have become a joke 

Since accepting Pivarnick as part of the Jersey Shore family, her luggage choice from season 1 has become an inside joke. In the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode “Rewriting History,” each of the roommates gifts Pivarnick with something special. 

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino came up with the idea. Since she missed so many memorable moments when she wasn’t on the show, Sorrentino encouraged everyone to get Pivarnick a sentimental gift to give to her a few days before her wedding. 


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Many of the roommates took the sentimental route. To symbolize how she set aside her differences with Pivarnick, Jenni “JWoww” Farley gifted her with pink boxing gloves bedazzled with “AWoww.” Naturally, “Prank War Champion” DelVecchio had something special planned. He gifted her with brand new luggage — wrapped in the finest trash bags, of course. “Don’t rip the trash bags,” Vinny Guadagnino jokes as Pivarnick opens her gift. “You can use those, too!” 

Angelina used trash bags because she was in a rush 

When the first season of Jersey Shore began, Pivarnick says she didn’t receive a warning before she had to pack up and leave Staten Island behind for the summer. “They didn’t really give me too much notice that I was going, so I was like, ‘Oh, crap. What am I gonna put my stuff in?'” Pivarnick explained to Vulture. “I literally just took my stuff and threw all of it in garbage bags. I drove down to Seaside, and I walked in the house with garbage bags. I’ll never live that one down.” 

Pivarnick hasn’t lived the trash bag luggage down — and she probably never will!