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Fans of Jersey Shore will remember DJ Pauly DelVecchio‘s summer fling, Danielle. After a brief appearance on the MTV series where she “stalks” DelVecchio’s “whole life on the boardwalk,” fans are curious — what happened to “Danielle the Stalker?”

DJ Pauly D stalkers
Pauly DelVecchio | Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

‘Danielle the Stalker’ made waves on ‘Jersey Shore’

DelVecchio is used to being followed around. Some fans who are more passionate than others are affectionately called “Stage 5 Clingers.” After meeting Danielle on the boardwalk during season 1, things got too serious for DelVecchio too quickly. She seemingly wanted a commitment, but DelVecchio had other plans. After Danielle gave him a shirt that read “I Heart Jewish Girls” and talked about going to Israel, DelVecchio had heard enough.

“I don’t know why, but I attract a lot of stalkers,” DelVecchio told Life & Style. It’s pretty wild.” Many fans aren’t privy to the fact that Danielle had an entirely different relationship with DelVecchio off-screen. 

Pauly D reportedly pursued Danielle 

In a since-deleted article from the Jewish Journal, Danielle’s mother Miriam, says DelVecchio was all about Danielle when they first met. DelVecchio allegedly told Danielle she would share his last name one day. And the “I Heart Jewish Girls” shirt? That was a gift prompted by DelVecchio. According to Miriam, Pauly D gifted Danielle with an “I Heart Italian Guys” bracelet the day before. Reportedly when Danielle refused to sleep with DelVecchio, he labeled her a stalker. 

‘Jersey Shore’ ruined Danielle’s life 

Danielle’s mom also said MTV defamed her daughter’s character. Danielle’s portrayal on the show is inaccurate, according to Miriam, and is ultimately what sent her life “into a tailspin.” After the show aired, Miriam says Danielle left New Jersey to live in Israel. 

According to a field producer from the first two seasons of Jersey Shore, Danielle and DJ Pauly D had a history. “I believe she knew Pauly before the show and from Rhode Island,” they wrote on Reddit. “I wouldn’t call her a ‘stalker,’ but she was very aggressive and a touch clingy.” The producer said editing made Danielle appear more stalker-like than she was. “It was almost like she just served that storyline to us on a silver platter,” they added. “I do think Pauly may have led her on slightly, too.” 

Pauly D has other stalkers 

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, DelVecchio had another stalker on Jersey Shore — Vanessa Ellis. She would often lurk outside of the Shore Store to catch a glimpse of DelVecchio. Then, in an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Vanessa travels to Miami to see DelVecchio perform. 


‘Jersey Shore’: Apparently DJ Pauly D Is Reserved When Cameras Aren’t Rolling

DelVecchio wasn’t Ellis’ real obsession. In an episode of the TLC series My Crazy Obsession, Ellis explained her passion for collecting photos with celebrities. “I’ll go out after whoever, whenever,” Ellis told cameras. “Celebrity spotting is the most important thing to me.” She says no single celebrity is better than another — they’re all important to her. 

It seems as though DelVecchio holds no ill will toward either woman. The feeling probably isn’t mutual for Danielle or her mother.