‘Jersey Shore’: The Truth About Vanessa ‘The Real MVP’ Who ‘Stalked’ Pauly D

Throughout Jersey Shore’s original run on MTV, DJ “Pauly D” DelVecchio had several women who “stalked” him on the boardwalk where the show was filmed in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. While one of the “Stage 5 Clingers” moved to Israel after appearing on the show, Vanessa Sky Ellis still visits the Jersey Shore boardwalk and shore house.

'Jersey Shore' DJ Pauly D
‘Jersey Shore’ star DJ Pauly D | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Pauly D’s stalker Vanessa popped up in season 5 of ‘Jersey Shore’

When the roommates were still amid their early fandom in 2012, Vanessa Sky Ellis began following them around town. She would pop up when they grabbed a bite to eat on the boardwalk or fist-pumping in the club. No destination was too tricky for Vanessa to track them down. 

“This girl is going to kill me,” Pauly D said about Vanessa during one episode. “She’s going to kidnap me, put me in her basement, have me DJ for her, and I’m gonna be MIA. You guys are going to be looking for me.” 

She had a particular infatuation with Pauly D because she was always wearing something that was a tribute to the DJ. At first, the roommates all thought the situation was scary.

“I don’t know why, but I attract a lot of stalkers,” DelVecchio told Life & Style. It’s pretty wild.” 

Vanessa flew to Miami for ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

During the season one finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in 2018, Jenni “JWoww” Farley spots Vanessa in the club while Pauly D is DJing. The roommates are worried she has something strange in her bag, and they try to warn their friend.

“It’s so creepy,” JWoww tells the cameras. “Vanessa flew from Jersey just to look at Pauly D like this in the back. Seriously, like what is happening?”

Pauly D is caught off guard at first, but he handles the situation very well. He greets Vanessa and asks her what she’s up to in Miami. When she tells the Reality TV star that she came to see him, he is shocked. However, he thanks her for coming and announces to the club, “Shout out to Vanessa’s in the building.”

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“To see her in Miami is trippy, but I have a moment where I’m like, ‘Is she a stalker or a super supporter?’ She has on an ‘I heart Pauly D’ shirt she got from the T-shirt shop — full-blown Pauly D tattoo. Vanessa is the real MVP.”

What is the story with ‘Vanessa the stalker’?

It turns out that Vanessa Sky Ellis spends 8 hours every day on the hunt for celebrities, according to TLC. The network featured her on the series Celebrity Stalking in 2013.

“I’ll go after whoever, whenever,” Vanessa explained on the show. “Celebrity spotting is the most important thing to me. It’s more important than having a boyfriend, than going to work, than doing anything.”

She works nights as a bartender so she can spend the day walking around doing celebrity spotting. Vanessa has taken over 10,000 photos of celebrities over the years. She believes that no one star is more important than another.  

A quick look at her TikTok or Instagram account reveals a fraction of the many photos.

Where is Pauly D’s stalker ‘the real MVP’ Vanessa today?

On Sept. 7, 2020, fans pointed out that Vanessa made another trip to the Jersey Shore house, where the roommates stayed so many times. She took a stroll along the boardwalk and took videos and photos of herself donning an “I heart Pauly D” shirt and matching mask. 

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The celebrity follower began a new hobby recently making masks with photos of stars on them. She also sells them for a profit and wears many herself.

She still keeps up her celeb spotting, and recently tracked down JWoww’s ex-husband, Roger Mathews, for a photo. We might even see her in the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.