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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been nothing short of entertaining this season. Between the drama surrounding Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding and the idea of Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Pauly DelVecchio hooking up, fans are going wild. 

Much to the surprise of Jersey Shore audiences, this wasn’t the first time Farley tried to hook up with DelVecchio. Despite being given the “green light” from Farley, DelVecchio couldn’t go through with it. Here’s why.

Pauly D denied Jenni 'JWoww' Farley
DJ Pauly DelVecchio & Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley | Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images

‘JWoww’ and Pauly D didn’t hook up in New Orleans 

Much to the disappointment of Jersey Shore fans who stan “JWoww” and DJ Pauly D together, they did not hook up during their trip to New Orleans for Pivarnick’s bachelorette party. 

Vinny Guadagnino was the most encouraging, calling the idea of Farley and DelVecchio hooking up “like watching greatness all over again.”

When the episode was filmed, Farley was separated from Carpinello after the infamous Las Vegas episode of Family Vacation aired. DelVecchio was respectful of Farley dealing with those emotions and ultimately said he would “never disrespect [Farley] like that.”

‘JWoww’ tried to hook up with Pauly D before 

Given their storied history of hooking up on Jersey Shore, it should come as no surprise that Farley and DelVecchio have always harbored feelings toward one another. That night in New Orleans, Pivarnick was left stunned and questioning why Farley and DelVecchio wouldn’t hook up.

Despite Farley’s single status, it was her past attempt at hooking up with DelVecchio that motivated her decision. “Remember that time we were in New York City?” Farley asked Pivarnick during the episode. “Me and Pauly had a nice dinner together that night. And then we went home together. And he shut the door on me.”

Pauly D denied ‘JWoww’ because of ’24’ 

To clear things up, Pivarnick headed to DelVecchio’s hotel room to hear what he had to say about his time in New York with Farley. “Obviously, I wanted to [hook up with Jenni], but I didn’t know if I was supposed to cross that line or not,” DelVecchio admitted. Instead of acting on impulse, DelVecchio said he wanted to sleep on it. But in that short amount of time, it became too late for DelVecchio to shoot his shot. 

“I slept on it and [then] dude swooped in,” DelVecchio said, referring to Carpinello. “At that point, I didn’t even know she wanted to.” In New Orleans, DelVecchio felt as if he were in a similar situation as he was in New York. “What happens if I do it, and she gets back with the dude tomorrow?” he questioned Pivarnick and Guadagnino. 

Will ‘JWoww’ and Pauly ever hook up? 

Given the fact that Farley and Carpinello have mended their relationship and are currently together, dating DelVecchio isn’t in the cards right now. Plus, DelVecchio and Guadagnino are going to be in a second season of Double Shot at Love this summer, further complicating the idea of him starting a relationship with Farley. 

Maybe someday in the future, when MTV cameras stop rolling, and Farley and DelVecchio aren’t roommates on Jersey Shore anymore, a relationship could blossom. But for now, the two share a familial tie that can’t be broken.