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Keeping up with the personal lives of celebrities can be a full-time job of its own. With high-profile hook-ups, splits, and new relationships regularly hitting the headlines, it can be hard to keep track of just what’s happening in the celebrity world. Lately, Jesse Watters has been getting attention for his new marriage. When did Watters get divorced, and how quickly was he back down the aisle? 

Fox News host Jesse Watters was married to Noelle Watters

Jesse Watters on 'The Five' at Fox News Studios
Jesse Watters on ‘The Five’ | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Jesse Watters is known for his work on Fox News, mainly serving as one of the hosts of The Five, a weekday round-table program that tackles the hot button issues of the day. Things took a turn when Watters himself has become one of the “One More Thing”-style conversations for many of his fans. 

The gossip around Watters revolves around his love life. Previously Watters was married to Noelle Watters. The pair had met while on the job. As The Daily Mail reports, Noelle Watters was then working in advertising and promotion while Jesse Watters was working his way up the ranks and in a role for Bill O’Reilly

The pair married in 2009 and then welcomed twin daughters in late 2011. Noelle Watters left Fox for maternity leave and then didn’t return to the job. 

He had a high-profile affair with a co-worker

Jesse and Noelle Watters’ marriage was torpedoed amidst revelations that Jesse Watters was having an affair with a much-younger Fox staff member who worked as an associate producer on his show Watters’ World. As Daily News reports, Watters reported the consensual relationship with Emma DiGiovine in the light of the way Fox had “strengthened its human resources department and implemented extensive sexual harassment training following the ouster of its influential founder, Roger Ailes.” 

When Watters made the announcement in 2017, DiGiovine was moved to a different program within the network to keep in line with these updated protocols. Shortly after that, Noelle Watters filed for divorce. The news broke to the public in spring 2018, and the divorce proceedings took a while to complete. The couple was set to head to court to hash out the details in March 2019, but they reached an undisclosed settlement agreement at the last minute. 

Jesse Watters and Emma DiGiovine have gotten married 


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In late 2019, Jesse Watters once again walked down the aisle. This time, he did so with a much higher profile and a much more impressive guest list. He and Emma DiGiovine got married in Naples. Guests included Real Housewives of Orange County former cast member Kelly Dodd, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric and Lara Trump. As one of Donald Trump’s most staunch and unwavering supporters on the Fox Network, Watters had made inroads with the Trump family.

Less than a year after tying the knot, DiGiovine and Watters announced that they were expecting their first child. Their son — Jesse Bailey Watters Jr. — was born in spring 2021, as Fox News reported. At the time, Watters told viewers, “He and Emma are both doing fantastic — and we are blessed to bring another proud American into the world.” 

After the child’s birth, Watters became the subject of mockery on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after the staunchly conservative pundit came forward in support of paternity leave. 

While some have pointed to hypocrisy in such a rigidly conservative public persona having an affair and starting a second family, Watters and DiGiovine happily share glimpses of their life with no sense of scandal. The couple frequently takes to social media to post pictures of their travels, including ski trips and a trip to the Dominican Republic. Now that the growing family has a new baby in the house, Watters’ fans can likely expect some updates that include his growing son as well.