Jessica Alba’s Beauty Hack Gives You Dramatic Lashes Without Falsies

Jessica Alba started her career as an actress. But in recent years, her fame has exploded as a beauty guru. We all want to look flawless, but sometimes need a little help, and Jessica Alba is happy to fill that role. Recently, she shared her secret for dramatic lashes, without using falsies. It all comes down to one product, but what she’s using may surprise you. 

Jessica Alba created The Honest Company

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Alba became known as an actress after starring in movies, such as Honey, Fantastic Four, and Sin City. She also starred in the TV series, Dark Angel. But after becoming a mother in 2008, her priorities changed. 

Suddenly, she became concerned with the ingredients that were in her household supplies. She wanted the best for her children, and she didn’t want them exposed to potentially hazardous substances. 

“I wanted safe and effective consumer products that were beautifully designed, accessibly priced, and easy to get,” Alba told Vanity Fair.

When she wasn’t able to find products like that, she decided to create her own. And in 2012, Alba opened the Honest Company, which sold household and baby products that were safe and healthy. 

There’s no doubt that her fame helped the company’s success. During its first year, the Honest Company sold more than $10 million worth of products, and it’s only grown from there.

In 2015, she broke into the beauty industry with the launch of Honest Beauty. Now selling makeup and skincare products, and by sharing advice through videos and articles, Alba became known as a beauty guru

Jessica Alba shares her secret for dramatic lashes

Alba shared her secret for dramatic lashes in an AMSR-style video posted to her YouTube channel. For anyone not familiar with AMSR, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

The videos, which have become somewhat of a trend online, use whispering, and soft or sensual sounds to create feelings of relaxation, and a tingling effect in the viewer. Alba states in the title of her video that it is her first attempt at using the style. 

After taking viewers through her routine for the makeup base, foundation, blush, and eyebrows, in a soft, whispering tone, Alba moves on to the lashes. To create what she calls a “dramatic difference” in her lashes, without the help of falsies, she first curls them with a Tweezerman brand eyelash curler. 

“Eyelash curlers are everything,” Alba whispers.

But the real secret, according to Alba, is her Honest brand Extreme Length Mascara and Lash Primer. The tube comes as a combo, with mascara on one side, and primer on the other.

After applying both the primer and mascara to only one eye, Alba pauses to compare her work. “It’s such a dramatic difference. That one, vs that one,” she whispers, while pointing at each eye. 

She quickly applies the product to the other eye as well, before moving on to the finishing touches, like lip-gloss, for the rest of her face. When she’s finished, Alba has a natural, yet flawless look. 

Why is eyelash primer important?

Although she doesn’t outright say it, clearly the secret to her dramatic lashes is the primer. Plenty of women are guilty of skipping this step, but when it comes to dramatic lashes, it really makes a difference.

According to the Honest website, eyelash primer preps the lashes by creating a texture that mascara can easily stick to. And at the same time, it volumizes, lengthens, and conditions the lashes, making them appear almost as full and thick as falsies. 

Alba would probably prefer her Honest brand, but eyelash primers are available as part of many make-up lines. If it isn’t already a part of your make-up routine, it’s worth adding for a dramatic difference.