Jessica Simpson’s Boyfriends Were Told to ‘Stay Away’ From Her For This Sad Reason

Jessica Simpson has been in several high-profile relationships throughout her career. Some of her former love interests include John Mayer, Tony Romo, and Nick Lachey. Yet, according to a recent interview with Simpson, she was in many other relationships with celebrities that she was forced to keep under wraps. As the singer reveals, her former romantic partners were advised to “stay away” from her. But why? Keep reading to find out.

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey/SGranitz/WireImage

A look inside Jessica Simspon’s complicated relationship history

In Simpson’s recently published memoir, Open Book, she details the messy romances she has been involved in throughout her career. The two relationships that stand out the most are those shared with Nick Lachey and John Mayer.

Simpson and Lachey were married for only three years before they decided to call it quits. The two starred on the MTV reality show, Newlyweds, which helped heightened Simpson’s career. But the ratings on her TV show with Lachey weren’t enough to keep her in a marriage that was slowly crumbling right in front of her eyes.

According to Simpson’s memoir, Lachey barely acknowledged her existence during their marriage, and they were essentially roommates as opposed to lovers. He stopped trying to woo Simpson only a year into their marriage, and he acted incredibly cold toward her.

So to find meaningful love, Simpson divorced Lachey.

Yet her marriage to the former boyband member was a walk in the park compared to her romance with Mayer.

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According to Simpson, she and Mayer broke up and got back together at least nine times. It ultimately ended when the “Neon” singer humiliated her by discussing their sex life in a notorious interview with Playboy Magazine. He referred to her as “sexual napalm,” along with a list of degrading names.

“I don’t know,” Simpson writes of her relationship with Mayer in her memoir. “Did he repeatedly stab me in the heart, or did I just keep running into the knife he aimed at me?”

Jessica Simpson’s former boyfriends were told to ‘stay away’ from her for this sad reason

In a recent interview, Simpson sat down with Drew Barrymore to discuss her past romances. She told the talk show host that there were several relationships she had been in with high-profile celebrities that she had to keep a secret. This is because her former boyfriends were advised by their publicists to “stay away” from her if they wanted to be respected in the industry.

“I felt like any time it started to get a little bit serious, like I was the person to run from because every guy would be listening to their publicist being like ‘stay away, stay away. You’ll never be a respected actor. You’ll never be a respected musician if you’re dating her,'” she explained. “But that was, you know, back then. So at least that was the excuse I heard.”

Jessica Simpson is now happily married to Eric Johnson

Simpson has put all those tumultuous relationships behind her. She is now happily married to the former NFL player Eric Johnson, with whom she shares three children with.

In fact, Simpson is currently celebrating her daughter Maxwell’s 9th birthday. According to People, she couldn’t be more proud of her eldest child.

“The energy in a room shifts when she enters,” Simpson reveals. “Yes, she is the most beautiful I ever did see, but it is the effortless way she holds her power that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”