Jessica Simpson’s Childhood Crush Is an A-List Celebrity

90s kids rejoice! Your favorite pop stars are making a comeback. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez provided a little teaser with their throwback Super Bowl half-time show and now Jessica Simpson is making the media rounds promoting her new book, “Open Book.”

The book, which was released on February 4, dishes on everything from past relationships to mental health issues. To say there are some surprises would be a definite understatement. One surprise is the singer’s A-list celebrity childhood crush. 

Jessica Simpson found early success as a breakout pop star

Jessica Simpson arrives to the Los Angeles premiere of "Extraordinary Measures" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
Jessica Simpson | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Simpson made her debut around the same time a lot of other famous pop stars got their start. Think Britney Spears, J Lo, NSYNC, Mandy Moore. She’s of that generation.

Simpson released her first single, “I Wanna Love You Forever,” in 1999. The song spent 20 weeks on the Billboard charts and peaked at number 3.

But while Simpson found success with her singing career, it was her relationship with fellow pop star Nick Lachey that made her a star. The pair met when Simpson was just 18 years old. They made things official when they tied the knot in 2002.

After that, things started to go south. Looking back, a lot of their marital troubles can be attributed to their reality show, The Newlyweds.

The show chronicled the new couple’s daily life and didn’t necessarily portray Simpson in the best light. In fact, the singer became known for her “Chicken of the Sea” comment rather than for her singing.  

It turns out Nick Lachey wasn’t Jessica Simpson’s first celebrity crush

Simpson recently stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show to talk about some of the stories in her book. One of the stories that had the host (and the audience) laughing was a tale about a couple of boys from a little show called The Mickey Mouse Club. 

Simpson recalled auditioning for the show and being turned down for the show, which led to a story about her experience at Chuck Norris’ acting school (you have to watch the clip). But back to the boys — Simpson said one day, long after her marriage to Lachey was over, she ended up kissing Justin Timberlake. If you’re thinking that’s who her celebrity crush is, you’re wrong.

Simpson went on to say that after the kiss, the former NSYNC singer pulled out his phone and began texting. It turns out Timberlake was texting fellow Mouseketeer, Ryan Gosling. Timberlake and Gosling had a bet when they were 12 years old regarding who would kiss the famous singer first. Timberlake was texting his friend to tell him he just won. 

But Simpson revealed she would have much rather it had been Gosling that had won. Why? The singer had a crush on Gosling because he was from Canada and Simpson thought that was exotic because she didn’t know where Canada was on a map.

The book is filled with plenty of revelations

It’s not just Simpson’s love for Gosling or her acting experience with Norris that came out in the book. The singer also revealed that she struggled with alcohol for a long time. In fact, she apologized to Ellen DeGeneres for appearing on her talk show drunk. 

Another shocking revelation — Simpson also revealed that she had an emotional affair during her marriage to Lachey. While filming The Dukes of Hazard, Simpson and co-star Johnny Knoxville became very close.

Simpson says at the time, her marriage was nearing its end and she began to connect with her co-star. While the singer insists there was never a physical affair, it doesn’t matter. Simpson says in her eyes, an emotional affair is worse than a physical affair.