Jessie James Decker ‘Had a Breakdown’ While Rehearsing for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars is currently streaming on Disney+. Country singer Jessie James Decker is one of the contestants this season and is partnered with dancer Alan Bersten. In an interview with Us Weekly, Decker revealed that she “had a breakdown” one day while rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars.

Jessie James Decker performs in April 2022 in Nashville
Jessie James Decker | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Jessie James Decker ‘had a breakdown’ while practicing for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Decker has three children with her husband Eric Decker, who is a former NFL player. While speaking with Us Weekly, Decker revealed that being away from her family made being on Dancing With the Stars a challenge.

“This week was really hard and I kind of had a breakdown a little bit,” Decker told Us Weekly. “It’s hard balancing both because being a mom is first priority to me. And so, I think around day four, I really was just struggling cause I’m never … away from them that long.”

Decker then shared that Bersten, her dance partner on the show, “helped” her while she was missing her family.

“But Alan [Bersten] helped me power through,” Decker added.

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Jessie James Decker’s son attended her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ performance

Decker has three children, a daughter named Vivianne, and two sons, Eric and Forrest. For Decker’s second performance on Dancing With the Stars, Forrest attended in person to cheer on his mom.

“He’s just proud of mommy and he’s such a big Elvis fan, so tonight meant so much to him,” Decker told Us Weekly.

The country singer revealed that Forrest has become obsessed with Elvis Presley after seeing Baz Luhrmann’s biopic Elvis starring Austin Butler.

“That was it. We went home, downloaded all the music. He wanted the costume, he wanted the posters, the guitar. Now he’s in guitar lessons, piano lessons. Like he loves Elvis so much. It’s in his heart,” Decker shared with Us Weekly.

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The singer is doing her ‘best’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Decker has been active in country music since the 2000s and has released multiple albums. While the singer is used to being on stage, Dancing With the Stars is her first time trying her hand at professional dancing.

Since season 31 of Dancing With the Stars premiered on Disney+, Decker has been trying her ‘best’ with Bersten to improve.

“I feel like we worked for it this week. We really did our absolute best. I mean, we tried to perfect it as much as possible because I know I have a lot of improvement to make,” Decker told Us Weekly.

She continued, “Again, I’m not a dancer, so I don’t know what I’m doing right versus what I’m doing wrong. I just know that I like to perform. But having Alan really helped me.”

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