Jill Duggar’s Canned Tuna BBQ Recipe Is Seriously Disgusting

The Duggars are at it again!

Fans and critics alike make no secret of their disdain for some of the Duggars’ most beloved dinner recipes. Sure, it may be difficult feeding a crowd, but that’s no excuse for skipping vegetables in favor of canned, sodium packed soup concentrates and casseroles made with over-processed tater tots. Michelle Duggar’s culinary decisions have been raising eyebrows since her 19 Kids and Counting Days.

Now that the Duggar kids are married and cooking for their own families, they appear to be following in their mom’s unhealthy meal footsteps. It makes sense – they’re used to eating these sorts of meals and see nothing wrong with them. But the latest thing to come out of Jill Dillard’s kitchen is truly appalling.

Jill Duggar is weirdly proud of her recipes

It’s not like the Duggars are serving up their unhealthy meals with a side of shame though. Instead, they flaunt their recipes and even encourage fans to try them out for themselves! Most recently on her blog and Instagram, the Counting On star shared a nasty looking recipe that followers said, “looks like cat food.”

The new recipe is called Pops’ BBQ Tuna Fish and hopefully it tastes better than it looks… because it looks disgusting. For once, Jill Dillard admitted that the whole concoction sounded really weird, but she still stood by it and even encouraged fans to try making it themselves.

What is the BBQ Tuna recipe?

One thing this recipe has going for it? It’s easy to make. To prepare it, simply mix together canned tuna (drained), BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece, original), and diced onions. Then you make it into a sandwich with bread or serve it up on saltine crackers.

Where did the recipe come from?

This time, in an unexpected turn of events, Michelle Duggar isn’t responsible for the recipe. Jim Bob is!

As Jill Duggar shared on her blog, “This recipe goes back many years to when my parents had seven kids ages 7 & under. My mom went to a ladies conference thing out of state for a whole week… which meant my dad (a.k.a. ‘Pops’) had to cook for all of us kids for the week!”

Her dad wasn’t used to being the chef of the family – and it showed. As Jill explains, “I remember a few times where the meal had about five courses: canned green beans, canned carrots, canned potatoes, canned butter beans and canned pineapple. We had to eat the first course before moving on to the next, but we did have the option for a side of ketchup to dip everything in. At one point during the week is when he brought out the tuna … He opened a can (or several), drained it, added some KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce to it, then served it between two slices of whole wheat bread.”

Sounds gross, right? But everyone in the Duggar clan enjoyed his ingenuity. “It was a big hit!” she said. “I’m not sure if we liked it so much just because it tasted way better than everything else we’d had that week, or if we were so young that the combination didn’t sound strange enough to scare us off from the start, and then when we tried it, we just found it appetizing. Either way, it’s continued to be a favorite on the menu all these years! And as was often said growing up, ‘You can’t say you don’t like it until you’ve tried it!’”

Uh, we’ll just take your word for it, Jill.