Jim Carrey Admits That Everything in His New Book ‘Could Be Completely Untrue’

Jim Carrey is back on our TV screens and mobile devices every week, portraying President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. However, that’s not all he’s been up to. In addition to starring in the 2020 film Sonic the Hedgehog, Carrey released a memoir this year. His book Memoirs and Misinformation, published in July 2020, “could be completely untrue,” Carrey says. 

'Saturday Night Live' Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris
‘Saturday Night Live’: Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris | Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Jim Carrey pulled out his old ‘Ace Ventura’ act to portray Joe Biden on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Carrey and Alec Baldwin, who reprised his role as President Donald Trump, dominated Saturday Night Live for weeks straight this fall, portraying the two presidential candidates. Things culminated this weekend when the Associated Press declared Biden the winner of the 2020 election roughly 12 hours before the live show.

While Carrey remained in character throughout the weekly episodes, he pulled out an old throwback line from Ace Ventura this week when he called Trump a “Looooooser.”

He and Maya Rudolph, who portrayed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, made an L with their hands to their foreheads. The audience laughed and applauded. Even those who thought Carrey was too energetic and boisterous for the role were happy with the skit.

Trevor Noah was confused on the ‘Daily Show’ about whether Carrey’s book is fact or fiction

When Carrey appeared on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the host began by asking the star to explain what he wrote in the book. The 36-year-old comedian read the actor’s book, but couldn’t make sense of whether it was true or not, so he asked Carrey to explain.

“Best to approach everything I do as something that could be completely untrue,” Carrey told Noah. “And yet, there will be parts of it; there will be things in it that will be absolutely authentic. OK, maybe that’s a blanket statement — you should trust me sometimes. But in this case, this was the best way to get my truth out there, and to say everything I needed to say, and do it in a way that is completely entertaining.”

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As always, the star didn’t give a straight answer. It could be true, or not one word could be accurate, from what Carrey told Noah.

Jim Carrey’s memoir is classified as semi-fiction

Carrey’s novel, Memoirs and Misinformation is marked as humorous fiction and autobiographical, which contradicts each other. He co-authored the book with writer Dana Vachon, who spent many late-night sessions interviewing Carrey about his life. Then the two added layers of fiction to the biography.

“I thought of the fiction as being a construction, but constructed in service of illuminating these beautiful visions of a true past, much of which was in Canada,” Vachon told CBC Radio

Jim Carrey portraying President-elect Joe Biden on 'Saturday Night Live'
Jim Carrey portraying President-elect Joe Biden on ‘Saturday Night Live’ | Kyle Dubiel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The author compared the book to how medieval cathedrals use stained glass to tell “true” stories. 

“That the line had already been blurred,” he continued. “And then we got together, and we realized not only had it been blurred, but it had been befouled because most celebrity memoirs are messing with the truth anyway, either through omission or distortion.”

So, the bottom line is the book has a layer of truth to it. However, it’s blurred with fiction in a way that portrays Carrey’s comical nature.