Jim Carrey Fans Adamantly Defended Him for ‘Sexual Innuendo’ to a Female Reporter During a 2020 Interview

In recent weeks, Jim Carrey is making headlines for portraying Democratic nominee and former vice president Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. However, long before his role mocking the presidential election, he was called out for making a “sexual innuendo” to a female reporter earlier in 2020. 

Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on 'Saturday Night Live'
Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on ‘Saturday Night Live’ | Kyle Dubiel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans have mixed feelings about Jim Carrey portraying Joe Biden

When Jim Carrey appeared as Joe Biden on Oct. 3, 2020, some fans thought his parody was spot on during Saturday Night Live, while others criticized his delivery. 

“Jim Carey has way too much energy to impersonate Joe Biden,” one fan wrote on SNL’s YouTube video.

Some fans believe that Carrey is too energetic to portray the former vice president; however, others feel he’s better every week. Still, other fans are calling for the return of Biden impersonators, Jason Sudeikis or Woody Harrelson.

Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on 'Saturday Night Live'
Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on ‘Saturday Night Live’ | Kyle Dubiel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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“I’m almost certain that Jim Carrey has never watched a video of Joe Biden,” tweeted Sean O’Connor, a Hollywood writer, and comedian. 

However, there is also a flurry of compliments on the latest YouTube video praising the actor for “excellent acting.”

Carrey told a female actor she was the last thing left to do on his “bucket list”

While promoting his new movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Carrey sat down with interviewer Charlotte Long for the outlet Heat World. Most of the interview went along fine; however, one moment brought a fury of comments on social media against Carrey’s remarks.

“I know your film Sonic has a bucket list, and I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?” Long asked the actor.

Carrey’s next comment is the one in question.

“Just you,” he told the reporter. “That’s it. It’s all done now.” 

Long did not know what to say to the actor’s comment. Many news outlets reported that Carrey made a “sexual innuendo” to the reporter. The headlines were not favorable for Carrey. USA Today included social media comments calling the star a “massive sleazebag” for the interaction. 

Jim Carrey’s fans and representative believed the media blew the comment out of proportion

“This is a ridiculous non-story,” Carrey’s rep, Marleah Leslie, said in an email statement to USA Today. “Jim’s full quote was ‘Just you! That’s it, I’m all done now!’ clearly and good-naturedly referring to the interview as being on the top of his bucket list.”

“It was in no way a reference to the journalist herself,” the rep added. “This is another example of a clickbait headline pandering to the dark side of ‘scroll culture’ — a dirty business done by and for people with dirty minds.”

After it appeared in numerous headlines, fans who watched the clip agreed with the representative that Carrey was making a joke. 

“He’s just joking, and the rest of the interview shows he’s just being friendly and funny,” one fan commented on the YouTube video. “I don’t see what’s so wrong about it.”

Throughout the almost 600 comments, fans consistently defended the actor for the remark, which they claim was not sexual in any way.