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Nothing is more fun than a surprise visit from a celebrity. However, there is a difference between a surprise visit and an outright prank. Jimmy Kimmel has learned that the people that watch his show love to see him pranked. This year, it was Britney Spears who stepped in and surprised Kimmel with an unusual wake-up call.

Britney Spears holding her finger to Jimmy Kimmel's mouth in a 'shushing' motion
(L-R) Jimmy Kimmel and Britney Spears | Adam Larkey/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife set up a wakeup call from Britney Spears

According to People, Kimmel’s wife arranged for Spears to pull a prank on Kimmel, while still sleeping soundly in his Hollywood home. Kimmel was awakened by strobe lights and half-dressed male dancers on the bed singing backup to the blaring music of Spears’ “Make Me.” The prank was recorded and then aired on Kimmel’s show.

Spears arrived at Kimmel’s home at 1:45 am to complete the prank with the help of Kimmel’s wife. In the clip, you can watch as the music begins Kimmel’s eyes pop open like he’s not believing the scene. Spears hops on the corner of the bed and dances to the music for a minute before the music stops and the group heads out of the bedroom.

Only after the performance does Spears realized the kids are asleep down the hall as Kimmel’s wife laughs quietly in her bathrobe. The laughter continues around the crew as they walk their way downstairs and wait for Kimmel to join them for a hearty and joyful laugh before heading out.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ has been host to hilarious pranks

As Kimmel stated before the video was shown, it’s not the first prank he has received as a wake-up call. For April Fools, Rihanna surprised Kimmel with a dance routine and musical rendition of her own. Kimmel’s family has even gotten in on the wake-up pranks with his Aunt Chippy bringing a few Chippendales with her to surprise Kimmel for his birthday.

The story behind Aunt Chippy’s prank is funny in itself. Kimmel receives a call every year from his aunt at the break of dawn to wish him a happy birthday. Kimmel, however, has learned if he doesn’t want to be woken to put his phone on silent.

His Aunt, with the help of his wife, brought him a happy birthday present he won’t forget and couldn’t avoid. With his aunt banging a pan and three Chippendale dancers singing happy birthday, Kimmel learned not to ignore his aunt’s well wishes.

Kimmel’s reaction to the prank


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Kimmel’s first reaction, while still laying in bed trying to wrap his head around the event, was to thank the crew, then kick them out of the room. While the cameraman leaves, you can hear Kimmel ask what happened to his wife, who should have been in bed beside him.

Downstairs, he hugs Spears and gives thanks to the crew for the wake-up call. When the prank airs on his show, he announced Spear’s upcoming album and jokingly stated he should have called the police on her.

Jimmy Kimmel and Britney Spears are pop culture icons

As host and executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel loves comedy. Since working on Comedy Central, he has known the value of a good prank. His wife, Molly McNearney, has stood by him through many pranks and jokes since 2013. Kimmel is currently the longest-working of all late-night talk show hosts in the United States, it makes sense that Spears would use Kimmel for her promotion.

While Spears has had a very long history both with her music career and with the press, she still manages to surprise fans. Currently, she is fighting the courts over her conservatorship, but that doesn’t stop her from having some fun.