‘Counting On:’ Is Jinger Duggar Straying Further From Her Family’s Morals With Her New Hair?

Jinger Duggar recently debuted a brand new look: She dyed her hair blonde. The Duggars were raised with very strict rules; they could hardly wear their own clothes on a day-to-day basis let alone decide what they want to do with their hair for months. But when Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo and moved out, she began to do life on her own terms. But some have suggested Jinger is straying too far from her family’s values. Is her new ‘do clashing with her family’s morals? 

Jinger Duggar
Jinger Duggar dyed her hair blonde. | Jinger Duggar via Instagram

Jinger has been labeled the rebellious Duggar

Everybody who follows the Duggar family knows that Michelle and Jim Bob don’t raise their children the way most modern American families do. Michelle and Jim Bob are very strictly religious, and everything they do is for God. This means that the Duggars disagree with anything that the Bible disagrees with. Since God’s will is for women to have children after they wed, the Duggars don’t believe in premarital sex. They also don’t believe in any intimacy before marriage; the kids are only allowed to give side hugs. The women must wear long skirts so as not to tempt any men with their curves.

When Jinger married Jeremy, she started to play by her own rules. She began wearing pants and showing her shoulders in tank tops. She moved far away from her family (to Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy is a pastor), and has only had one child in the nearly three years the two have been married. While that doesn’t necessarily mean Jinger is using birth control, it does suggest that the two are doing something to prevent pregnancy. She quickly became known as the Duggars’ rebel daughter.

Jinger recently dyed her hair blonde before her move to Los Angeles

A couple months back, Jinger and Jeremy revealed that they will be moving to Los Angeles, California in July so that Jeremy can take graduate classes. Fans were excited about the announcement and said that if any Duggars would fit in there (L.A. has long been a very liberal city), it’s Jinger and Jeremy. And in Jinger’s preparations to move to California, she recently dyed her hair blonde. Fans were shocked — no Duggar has ever died their hair. People loved the look, but they loved Jinger’s rebellious streak even more.


The hair sets Jinger apart from her family — but they don’t seem to disprove of it

Jinger’s hair is definitely seen by fans as a shockwave sent through her conservative family, but that isn’t necessarily how her own family has seen it. Although the Duggars were raised with many rules, once they start their own families, they do have the freedom of deciding their own ways of doing things. Jinger’s family members commented on her hair photo and gave the new look rave reviews. “… Looks lovely, Jinge!” Jessa Seewald commented. She also wrote “So cute!!!” Anna Duggar, Jinger’s sister-in-law, told Jinger she looked gorgeous. Amy Duggar, Jinger’s cousin, wrote, “Is there any look you can’t pull off!?”

Michelle and Jim Bob, who run the Duggar family Instagram account, did not comment. Neither did Jill, Jana, or any of Jill’s brothers. Regardless, it appears there are several family members who are supporting Jinger’s new look, which is probably all she can ask for.

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