Jo From ‘RHOC’ Says She’s Ready to Reconcile With Gretchen Rossi – ‘Let’s Move on’

The Real Housewives of Orange County feud between Gretchen Rossi and Jo De La Rosa from RHOC Seasons 1 and 2 could be cooling off. De La Rosa thinks enough time has passed and she’s ready to put the ongoing tension behind her.

De La Rosa was engaged to Slade Smiley during the first season of RHOC. Their relationship didn’t work so she broke off the engagement. The couple returned to Bravo with a spin-off Date My Ex: Jo & Slade. The Bachelor-style series setting featured Smiley sharing a house with several men, who were set up to “date his ex.”

None of the relationships worked out for De La Rosa. But Rossi, who was friends with De La Rosa turned Smiley’s head. Smiley and Rossi started dating and eventually got engaged. Smiley and Rossi are still together and have a daughter.

Gretchen ‘broke girl code’ when she dated Slade Smiley

De La Rosa said Rossi “broke girl code” when she dated Smiley. They’ve had a contentious relationship ever since, but she’s now ready to move on. She clarified that they live in a big enough town that they don’t run into one another, but the tension still lingers.

RHOC's Gretchen Rossi is spotted shopping and Jo De La Rosa smiles on the red carpet
Gretchen Rossi and Jo De La Rosa |GP/Star Max/GC Images/JB Lacroix/WireImage

“So there’s never been like an opportunity for a run-in, but it’s really funny because a lot of the brands that I work with like makeup or something like that, it’ll always be like, oh my gosh, like we totally work with one of the Housewives. And I’m like, oh, that’s great, who? They’re like Gretchen. I’m like, that’s awesome. Of course, you do,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

She’s done talking about Gretchen and Slade in every ‘RHOC’ interview

“I feel like we’re always connected,” she continued. “It doesn’t matter how long. And look, I feel like it’s been 15 years. I’m sure they’re tired of having to like talk about it. I know every interview that I do, they’re always brought up. Like  I’m sure both sides.”

“I know for me, like, I would love to have an interview where I don’t have to talk about Slade or Gretchen forever and ever,” the RHOC star added. “Like it will never go away. I’m sorry. Slade. Like, you’re stuck with it. You’re the one who proposed to me. So like, you know, ’cause there’s been things of like, well, why does she still have me in her mouth after all these years? Because it always gets brought up. So that’s the thing. I think like let’s meet, let’s talk, let’s have a chat, and let’s move on. And like anything that’s been in the past, it’s in the past, like you’re happy, I’m happy with the hell is the problem.”

Jo thinks going on ‘RHUGT’ with Gretchen could be interesting

De La Rosa added that she has “no beef” with Rossi and is open to connecting with her. She also mused about what it would be like to go on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip with Rossi. “I would be curious to see how that would go down,” she remarked. “Also, I would love to have a chat with her, like on a beach with some cocktails and like catch up. I think it’s been long enough. Right? So I would be down.”

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