Joan Rivers Once Said ‘Everyone Forgets’ Princess Diana Was ‘Sleeping Around’

Joan Rivers was never one to hold back when sharing her opinions. The late comedian was known for speaking her mind in a way that sometimes offended people. The Joan Rivers Show star spoke candidly about scores of topics, even ones that were considered taboo. Even the royals weren’t off-limits for her and she often spoke about Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, and even the late Princess Diana.

Joan Rivers
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Rivers struck up a friendship with Prince Charles thanks to their mutual love of painting. The prominent royal was known to appreciate Rivers’ unique sense of humor. Eventually, she became friendly with Camilla also and when the two decided to tie the knot, they extended an invitation to the comedian. Because Prince Charles’ and Camilla’s relationship began with an affair, many people questioned if Prince Charles’ sons, would ever accept their stepmother. But Rivers maintained that that Prince Harry and Prince William couldn’t have been happier for their father.

Joan Rivers once revealed that Prince Harry and Prince William love their stepmom, Camilla

“They were so happy,” Rivers shared about Prince Harry and Prince William in a 2005 interview with Larry King Live. “And I was telling friends that it came out in the paper, so I’m not telling tales. They were the ones that soaped the car. They were the ones. It was a very — a couple of very touching moments. And they wrote ‘prince and duchess’ on the front, and ‘C heart C’ and ‘Just married.’ And they put the balloons on the car. They’re thrilled for their father. They have always loved him. They adore him. And they love her.”

Joan Rivers attends the royal wedding
Joan Rivers | Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage

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After gushing about how happy Prince Charles’ sons were for him, Rivers was asked how she believed the couple would be able to overcome the fact that their relationship began with an affair. Royal fans will recall that Camilla had a particularly difficult time with the press once the news broke that Prince Charles had cheated on Princess Diana. Rivers was quick to say that it was time for the public to get over the affair and also felt it prudent to share that she didn’t believe that Princess Diana was completley innocent either.

The comedian shares her thoughts about Princess Diana

“Well, you know — and I met Princess Di and she was a charming woman and the whole thing,” Rivers began. “But she was also — everyone forgets, as I said on your show once before, she was sleeping around. We all know this. There were many affairs when she was married to him. This was not a girl sitting there. This was a girl going, tsk, tsk, call me later.”

Joan Rivers had a friendship with Prince Charles
Joan Rivers | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Rivers continued on to share that the royal family was happy and that royal fans needed to get over their disdain for Camilla and Prince Charles’ relationship. “I think leave her alone already,” the comedian continued. “It’s enough. I think they were so vilified and it wasn’t right. This is like his old high school sweetheart that he’s finally married. And I think it’s over and people see, the children love her, the queen was smiling, the queen was funny. Enough. Enough. It’s 20-odd years. We’ve forgiven O.J.”

Clearly, Rivers was willing to faithfully defend her royal friends. While she could’ve made her point without mentioning Princess Diana at all, the comedian was never known for her ability to mince words.