The Best Photos That Joanna Gaines Has Posted of the Farmhouse

Chip and Joanna Gaines live with their five children in a gorgeous farmhouse in Waco, Texas. They’ve referred to the home as their personal Fixer Upper. And from the looks of Joanna’s Instagram, it seems that the home is always a work in progress, as she tests out new design ideas and makes improvements to the farmhouse.

The Fixer Upper stars recently had a very special reason to make some changes to the farmhouse: the arrival of baby number five, a little boy named Crew. In addition to sharing photos of the beautiful nursery she created for Crew, Joanna Gaines has shared other gorgeous photos of the Gaines family home.

Ahead, discover our favorite photos of the farmhouse.

1. Joanna Gaines posted a photo of the boys’ bedroom

Joanna Gaines recently posted a photo of the bedroom that the older Gaines boys, Duke and Drake, seem to share at the farmhouse. The bedroom is styled as a classic bunkroom, with white shiplap walls and plenty of room for the boys to have sleepovers with friends. From the galvanized pipe ladders and railings to the individual sconces to the sweet sign above the beds, we love everything about this room.

2. She gave fans a glimpse of the family’s pool

You probably know that Chip and Joanna Gaines live on a farm, where they have dozens of animals and an expansive garden. But did you know that they and their kids can go swimming right in their backyard? In a post from a recent summer night, Joanna Gaines showed her older children in the pool, and baby Crew snoozing in the foreground. As if the pool weren’t covetable enough, an outdoor fireplace and a copious amount of string lights also made it into the frame. Joanna thinks of everything.

3. Joanna posted a photo of Crew’s nursery

After Crew was born over the summer, Joanna shared a photo of the baby’s nursery. As you might expect from the Fixer Upper star, the nursery looked beautiful and serene (at least while Crew was asleep). From the plush ivory rug to the simple black crib, the mid-century dresser to the tall fiddle leaf fig, there’s plenty to love about the design of the room.

4. She shared photos of her garden house

The farmhouse isn’t the only gorgeous space on the Gaines family farm. Joanna shared photos of the new garden house that the family built behind the farmhouse. It’s no secret that Joanna adores plants and loves her garden, and it looks like Joanna hangs out in the garden house when she needs a little bit of quiet time, away from everything going on in the farmhouse.

5. Joanna also shared a gorgeous photo of the garden

Joanna’s garden is one of the prettiest parts of the farm. And she’s occasionally shown it off in her Instagram posts, particularly when sharing her gardening tips with fans or showing them the plants that she usually grows in the garden. One of our favorite photos of Joanna’s garden shows raised beds, pea gravel pathways, and the brand-new garden house. Most green thumbs would love to have a garden like this one to retreat to when everyday life gets a little hectic.

6. She has a greenhouse as well as a garden house

The garden house isn’t the only structure in the Gaines family’s garden. Joanna also has a greenhouse in her backyard. She once explained that she didn’t buy the greenhouse new. It’s a 100-year-old piece that a client of hers was planning to tear down. Chip and Joanna rescued it, and while piecing it back together was a major challenge, we’d say that all that hard work paid off.

7. Joanna posted a photo of the stairs in the farmhouse

Staircases aren’t always the most photogenic part of a house. (Especially because they’re often enclosed and a little bit dark.) But leave it to Joanna Gaines to have a staircase that’s not only worth photograpna gaineshing, but is also fun for the children to spend time on. She’s posted multiple Instagram photos showing her sons talking or playing on the stairs. And it looks like she doesn’t mind stepping around them when she needs to go upstairs or downstairs.

8. She posted an adorable photo of their living room

If the Gaines kids take over the stairs sometimes, it makes sense that they’d also take control of the couch occasionally. Some parents don’t want their children leaving toys all over the house, but Chip and Joanna don’t seem to have strict rules on the matter. Joanna posted an adorable photo of toys lined up on the couch when her children’s cousins were visiting.

9. It’s not the first photo she’s posted of how the living room gets used

Over the years, Joanna Gaines has posted several photos showing how the family really uses the living room in the farmhouse. Right alongside Joanna’s very Fixer Upper design choices — like the oversized clock, the scale, and the light-colored upholstery — her daughters spread out with their stuffed animals and a quilt they made by hand together.

10. Joanna showed off all the greenery in her kitchen

Joanna Gaines is a self-professed plant lady. So it makes sense that one of the most gorgeous photos of her kitchen shows the Fixer Upper star tending to some of the plants in that part of the house. Many fans love the open shelving and concrete countertops that Joanna chose for her kitchen. And she seems to put both of them to good use by having an array of houseplants right by her sink.

11. She shared a photo of the family’s chalkboard

Joanna also posted a photo looking into her kitchen at the farmhouse — and showing off an oversized chalkboard that the whole family uses. A chalkboard can prove a useful place for collecting notes, sharing memos, and keeping track of chores. And it looks like the Gaines family also uses theirs to keep score in games.

12. She shared what the farmhouse looks like at Christmas

Unsurprisingly, the Fixer Upper stars know a thing or two about making a home look festive for Christmas and New Year’s. Over the years, Joanna Gaines has also posted a few photos that show fans what the farmhouse looks like decorated for the holidays. One of our favorites? This shot of Emmie and Ella helping Joanna put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree after the lights in the rest of the house were out.

13. She’s posted some gorgeous photos of small corners of the house

It’s great to see Joanna’s photos of entire rooms in the farmhouse. But we get just as much design inspiration when the Fixer Upper star posts images of small corners of the home. The Gaineses seem to enjoy the little things, and while the little things in this photo include an imposing antique cabinet, we love the idea of appreciating the beauty even in a small corner of your home.

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