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Joanna Gaines made an exciting announcement. The Fixer Upper star revealed she just launched a new line of rugs and pillows. If you’re a fan of Gaines’ designs, you’ll be delighted to see the items in her collection. Here’s what the designer and reality TV star shared about her line.

Joanna Gaines’ new rugs and pillows

Chip and Joanna Gaines sit for an interview on Sirius XM.
Chip and Joanna Gaines | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Gaines took to Instagram to announce her new rug and pillow line. “I love the simplicity and warmth of my new rug and pillow collection with @loloirugs,” she posted. Gaines invited her fans to click on the photo so they could see some of the offerings. As you might expect, most of the rugs and pillows are in earth tones. There are a lot of browns, greys, and whites.

Gaines usually starts with a rug when planning a room design, so this collection means a lot to her. The Magnolia website says the line features rugs for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to purchase rugs from Gaines’ collection, you can find them on the Magnolia website. As of this writing, one of the most expensive rugs is the Hunter Khaki Rug, which can cost as much as $2,629. As of this writing, the least expensive rug is the Graham Persimmon Antique Ivory Rug, which costs $79.

What people are saying about Joanna Gaines’ new line

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Fans are excited about Gaines’ rug and pillow collection. Some gave suggestions for items they would like to see in the collection. One fan asked about pillow covers. Another fan had reservations about making a purchase because of the price. She says she’s a schoolteacher, so there’s no way she could afford to buy anything in the collection. Another fan had a similar complaint.” Looks incredible! Wish they were a little more affordable while being made with good quality materials. Home decor really adds up.”

One person gave her honest review of Gaines’ items. She says she purchased a rug a few years ago that didn’t age well. “I have to be honest. The Magnolia rug I purchased a year and a half ago looks terrible now. I am so disappointed. I had saved for two years to purchase it and now I’m stuck with a rug that looks 10 years old.”

Joanna Gaines on her decorating style

During a promotional video for the rug collection, Gaines spoke about her process when she designs a room. She says she keeps the customer in mind when she builds her home décor collections.

“The first thing I always think about when I’m designing a room is where am I going to put the rug,” says Gaines during the video. “And then I build the room from there. The thing that’s most important to me is the style. I think about the people that are going to own it. I think about their story, their style. The idea that I get to help them is a huge honor for me. I love this line in my home. I really feel like the quality is exactly what I’m looking for.”

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