Joanna Gaines Shares Simple New Year’s Resolution Inspired by Her Mom and Fans Think It Makes a Perfect Tattoo

Joanna Gaines shared her resolution for the new year and her fans think it would make a perfect tattoo. Gaines admitted that she takes life too seriously and her mother’s wise words are the ideal reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Joanna Gaines smiles and wears a black top at the BUILD event in New York City in 2017
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Joanna Gaines shared her simple New Year’s resolution

On Jan. 1, Gaines took to Instagram to share her New Year’s resolution and said she wanted to express “big meaningful words and deep thoughts” but instead focused on something simple her mother always tells her. The message is a great mantra for 2022.

“I’ve always been more of a ‘all work, no play‘ kinda gal,” Gaines admitted. “I take life too seriously sometimes (OK, most of the time) but life has a way of reminding me to slow down and play more. Every time I get off the phone with my mom, she ends the call with — ‘Don’t forget JoJo, have a fun!’ I had her write it down so I could always have it in her writing.”

Gaines continued, “When I was thinking of all that 2022 could be and all that I want for myself and my family, I was trying to think of big meaningful words and deep thoughts but I just kept hearing my mom’s simple words in her beautiful accent, ‘Have a fun JoJo!'”

Those words accompanied Gaines’ wishes for 2022. “So this year, my simple resolution is to: Worry less, skate more, and HAVE A FUN,” she wrote. “Let’s go 2022.”

Gaines got roller skates for Christmas and already showed off some of her moves. “I’m having an 80’s flashback!” she wrote in a Dec. 26 Instagram post. “I got a pair of skates for Christmas, and minus the goats and the cattle guard and the manure, I felt like I was back in the roller rink all over again!”

On Jan. 1, she posted another skating video, captioning it, “Rollin’ into the new year and feeling like it’s gonna be a good one! Happy New Year.”

Joanna Gaines’ fans love her outlook for 2022

Gaines’ words of wisdom for the new year were well received by her fans, with many saying they hope to adopt a similar point of view this year.

Comments included, “New mantra! #HaveAfun,” “What a sweet, sweet reminder,” and “So true and so very sweet.”

Other fans noted that it’s a perfect piece of advice. “Yay love it!!! Especially skating more!! Happy 2022 to you and your family!!” one fan commented. Another person shared, “Simplicity is best! Your mom is a very wise woman.”

“This is awesome! Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most!” another follower commented. Other fans noted, “Can totally relate to this! Thank you for sharing! Time for more fun,” “I love this! Live simply! Have a fun!,” and “In other words lighten up and live!!”

Some of Jonanna Gaines’ fans want her to get a tattoo of the saying

Gaines included a photo of the message written by her mom and many of the Magnolia Table star’s followers said it would make the perfect tattoo.

“You should have that tattooed on yourself in her actual handwriting. How cool that would be,” one of her fans wrote.

Many of her followers had the same idea, writing, “Would be a great tattoo!,” “That would be a cool tat,” and “You need to have this tattooed in your mom’s handwriting. So special!”

Others agreed, as it would be a “great reminder” to have the message tattooed on her permanently. “That needs to be a small wrist tattoo, then you will always have it,” one fan commented.

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