Joe Budden Hints That ‘The Breakfast Club’ Would Not Last Without Charlamagne Tha God

Recent comments Charlamagne Tha God has made about his future at the popular morning radio show The Breakfast Club have many believing that his days as a co-host are numbered. He’s made it clear that he’s not interested in a longterm contract as he negotiates his current deal with the station. He’s already begun to individualize himself from the show with book deals, other hosting gigs, and becoming an advocate for mental health.

If Charlamagne does decide to leave the show, one person who doesn’t think the show could sustain without him is rapper turned podcast host, Joe Budden. Budden shared his sentiments on Charlamagne’s almost inevitable departure on his latest podcast and explained that without Charlagmagne, he’s unsure of how the show will survive.

Charlamagne Tha God hints that he may not be on ‘The Breakfast Club’ much longer

After 10 years on the show, it appears that Charlamagne is seriously considering spreading his wings. Tensions between him and Angela Yee have been brewing since his infamous interview with Gucci Man after Yee felt that Charlamagne allowed the rapper to disrespect him. Charlamagne was also notably absent from many big interviews on the show in the aftermath of his interview with Gucci Man – leaving fans to believe the beef between him and Yee was real. 

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Aside from conflict with his co-workers, Charlamagne has become his own brand outside of the show. He’s a New York Times best-selling author with two books under his belt and he’s carved out a space for himself in landing top interviews that have had great numbers in viewership – including his sitdowns with the cast of Girlfriends and his interview with Kanye West.

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Charlamagne also opened up about where he currently stands in negotiation with his station, admitting that he has not yet signed a new contract. He also noted that there have been several times within the past few years that he has “mentally quit” the show.

Joe Budden says Charlamagne Tha God is a critical piece of ‘The Breakfast Club’

Like Charlamagne, Budden has become a powerhouse in the radio/podcast industry and currently has a popular show through a deal with Spotify. He’s been an intricate part in conversations in hip hop and social issues and has had many conversations with Charlamagne in interviews. With all of the talk on Charlamagne potentially leaving The Breakfast Club, he weighed in.

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“I don’t feel like us or anyone else has paid any mind to what the landscape would look like if Charlamagne was to indeed leave The Breakfast Club,” he said. “I think that it dramatically changes the course of things, I do. I do not understate his importance – their importance – what they’ve done in 10 years…I won’t overplay the alleged tension that exists in that crew because that’s what happens after 10 years.”

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Budden went on to explain that it would be a loss on iHeart Media’s part if Charlamagne decided to leave. iHeart Media is the parent company of the radio station, Power 105.1, which airs The Breakfast Club. “If this move was to happen, it takes a big chess piece of the board,” Budden said.

He also gave his take on why DJ Envy would remain on the show while Charlamagne would leave. Initially, he said that both had the same risk of what they’d lose financially if they left. But when Budden’s co-host pointed out the differences in DJ Envy and Charlamagne’s career motivations, he retracted his statements. 

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The hosts agreed that Envy would remain on the show for stability as his real estate career outside of entertainment begins to boom. Charlamagne is expanding his entertainment portfolio and his role on the show would keep him stagnant, according to Budden.