Joe Exotic Already Has a New Fiancé Days After Filing for Divorce From Dillon Passage: ‘God Works in Amazing Ways’

In the history of wild and crazy tales, none might be more outrageous than the saga of Joe Exotic, the Tiger King. And while he’s still behind bars serving a sentence for crimes he continues to deny, life hasn’t stopped for Joseph Maldonado-Passage. In fact, he continues to reach out to celebrities for help in freeing him from prison. And in a recent statement his attorney released, the former zookeeper is engaged again, too. 

After filing to divorce his fourth husband, Dillon Passage, the Tiger King has already found love again — in lockup. It took only a few days and, according to Joe, divine intervention to find a new soulmate. Here’s the latest on Joe’s love life, the fallout with Dillon, and the Tiger King’s new beau.

Joe Exotic’s relationship with Dillon Passage

Joe Exotic Tiger King
Joe Exotic, aka Tiger King | Netflix

Dillon and Joe have been married for four years. And though the two have been separated for the better part of a year, Dillon hadn’t filed divorce paperwork to make their split official. Dillon says they’re still on relatively good terms and just want closure at this point.

The pair married roughly two years before Joe was convicted on charges related to a murder-for-hire plot to kill his archnemesis, Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin. Dillon didn’t appear much in the Netflix docuseries because the long and twisted tale of the Tiger King was nearing its end. But the two met in an online chat, and Dillon stayed by Joe’s side throughout the court trial and media frenzy.

Joe Exotic’s recent statement and details about fiancé John Graham

It’s official. Joe Exotic is divorcing Dillon Passage and already has his tiger eye on a new romance that began in prison while he sought medical treatment for prostate cancer at Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, USA Today shared in December.

John Graham is Joe’s new fiancé. According to a statement released by Exotic’s attorney, Autumn Beck Blackledge, Joe is seeking an official divorce from prison and “desires to marry his new love interest.”

Graham has already been released after serving his sentence. Page Six points to documents that suggest Graham was serving a 12-year sentence for illegal possession of a firearm and burglary. He met Joe in February. So far, Graham has declined comment or interviews, People reports.

However, the Tiger King is not shy about commenting on his excitement for his divorce from Dillon to be over so that he can be with Graham. Joe says, “God works in amazing ways.”

The latest on the Tiger King’s sentencing and health

Joe Exotic is serving his now-21-year sentence, down from the originally slated 22 years he received in 2018. But he continues to beg celebrities, his fans, and even Donald Trump to assist in negotiating his release. Though he’s struggling to get the prison pardon he’s begging for, it’s clear he’s still looking for reasons to celebrate his newfound love. 

In the meantime, his attorney put out a statement saying Joe is finishing out his cancer treatments. The Tiger King was reported to require eight rounds of radiation and would not be allowed to travel during those treatments. That diagnosis led him to the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth and to his new beau, John Graham.

The drama continues with the Tiger King. And for now, it looks like husband number five is lining up to take his place in the Joe Exotic saga. 

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