Joe Goldberg from ‘You’ is, Reportedly, a Cancer Sun Sign and is Anyone Really Surprised?

Joe is back in season 2 of You, and he’s ready for a new life in Los Angeles. Will he continue to make the same mistakes? Why does Joe act the way that he does? What’s his astrological chart and how could that influence his personality? Here’s a look into the zodiac sign of Joe Goldberg, from Netflix’s series You.

Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘You’ premiere on the streaming platform

What does it take for a man to murder time and time again? Well, according to Joe Goldberg, a lot of love. This book-enthusiast is back in season 2 of the Netflix original series, You. This time, he’s ready for a fresh start, heading for sunny California in search of a new job and a new home.

While he’s there, Joe Goldberg stumbles upon Love, and, of course, falls head over heels. Is Joe doomed to repeat the same mistakes he made with Candace, and then again with Beck? Will the past keep catching up with him?

One article recently delved into the personality traits of this crazy character. The website, Cools, turned to astrologer Alice Bell, for an explanation of Joe’s personality traits and possible influences. Turns out, according to Bell, Joe Goldberg is a Cancer sun sign.

Penn Badgley is seen filming 'You'
Penn Badgley is seen filming ‘You’ | Alessio Botticelli/GC Images

One astrologer described Joe Goldberg’s zodiac chart, naming him a Cancer sun sign

Though nothing has been officially confirmed by Netflix, some fans and astrology experts have taken it upon themselves to name Joe a Cancer. With Cancer as his sun sign, he most closely relates to the traits of that zodiac.

One website, Cools, reads, “With the Moon as his ruling planet, his moods are easily changeable. He’s very emotional about the people and things he cares about in his life, but at the same time, he’s also subject to a lot of emotional ups and downs.”

“A Cancer’s moods are very dependent on where the Moon currently is in the sky, so if there’s a full moon or the moon is making a hard aspect to other planets in his chart, Joe would be more emotionally reactive and end up doing something he later regrets,” Cools continues. “He’s someone who easily spirals.“

Joe Goldberg from ‘You’ has many traits of a Gemini

The editorial article and astrology expert, Alice Bell, goes one step further, describing Joe Goldberg a Gemini rising sign. The “rising sign” is another zodiac sign that helps dictate Joe’s changeable and impulsive personality. Geminis, known for being opportunistic and intelligent, are often ambitious and determined to get what they want.

“People with a Gemini Rising are constantly absorbing information,” the editorial continues. “They’re avid readers and usually more active on social media and the internet. They like to share this information with people, so it’s easy for them to strike up conversations with almost anyone. Think back to the first episode of the series when Joe is able to immediately start flirting with Beck at the bookstore.”

Episodes of You, including the recently-released season 2, are available for streaming on Netflix.