Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Potentially Becoming Available — ‘I Feel Like It’s Inconclusive’

Joe Rogan frequently talks about the COVID-19 pandemic with many of the guests on his podcast. 

He recently hosted comedians Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings, and the three talked at length about the possibility of a vaccine becoming available. While Rogan expressed optimism about a potential vaccine, Chappelle felt that it was too early to make any real comments. 

Joe Rogan says a vaccine should be ready sooner than later

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

On a recent episode of Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan mentioned a few details he’d learned about a potential COVID-19 vaccine being in the works. 

“A guy explained it to us … Nicholas Christakis … he thinks the vaccine will be very effective,” Rogan said. “And even if it doesn’t keep you from getting it, it’ll prevent—or hopefully prevent—you from getting a bad case of it. I don’t know though.”

Joe Rogan says people reported ‘feeling like s***’ after taking the vaccine

Rogan and company also talked about the potential risks of taking the vaccine. Rogan himself said he wouldn’t be against it if he saw other people taking it and having no adverse reactions. 

“If people are already taking it, like, what is the experience?” Rogan asked. “They say that they … felt like s— for a few days, that’s it. Now is that true? Who are they? Have you talked to them? What’s a few days, and what do you mean by feel like s—? Like did you try running four days later and you still felt terrible?”

Donnell Rawlings says a potential vaccine ‘gives people hope’


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Even though the jury is still out regarding the effectiveness of the potential vaccine, Rawlings thinks its existence alone is good for world morale. 

“People are gonna have a sense of like, there is something that could be done now,” Rawlings said. “It’s a sense of hope, it’s a sense of progress, it’s a sense of, like, it was at one time we didn’t have a thought of a vaccine. Now we got competitors and s—, so people will think different.”

Dave Chappelle feels like the vaccine discussion is ‘inconclusive’ 

While Rogan and Rawlings discussed the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine becoming available, Chappelle largely remained quiet. When asked how he felt about the situation, he had an interesting perspective.

“I mean, I feel like it’s inconclusive,” Chappelle said. “Because your caveat was, ‘I’d take it if I felt safe about it.’ Well, that’s just the thing. … So now, for the first time, we’re learning … the process of a drug going through trials. We’re learning this, literally as a nation we’re all watching this thing take place. …”

Joe Rogan is optimistic about the situation

Despite all of the struggles the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world in 2020, Rogan remains optimistic about the future. In his opinion, the experience has given everyone valuable information to learn from. 

“The good thing is, if another one comes around, they’re gonna be more prepared to do something like this quicker,” Rogan said. “I think people needed to really understand that in our lifetime, something could kill the world’s economy, and kill hundreds of thousands of people here, and a million people worldwide. I think we knew it, but I don’t think we really expected it.”