Joe Rogan Completely Destroyed Another Comic’s Career in 10 Minutes

Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan were both working toward similar goals in the comedy world around the same time. The two comedians both frequented one of Los Angele’s biggest comedy clubs.

Mencia’s comedy career seemed to be on the right path until an encounter with Rogan one evening. What was the single event that ultimately brought Mencia’s career to an end?

Carlos Mencia’s start in comedy

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Mencia began his comedy career in the later part of the’80s. Oddly enough, his decision to change his name from Ned to Carlos really helped the comedian launch his career into successful terrain.

Mencia hoped that by changing his name he would be more accepted and popular within the Latino comedian scene at the time. His decision seemed to pay off, and Mencia began touring with other Latino comedians such as Pablo Francisco. HBO even selected Mencia as the host of Loco Slam, an HBO special dedicated to showcasing Latino comedians.

In 2002 his HBO special resulted in a CableACE Award for Best Stand-Up Comedy. Just a few years later in 2005 and Mencia’s Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia, premiers. The show became an instant hit and ended up airing for 64 episodes.

After what appears to be two very successful decades performing comedy, it begs the question, what did ever happen to Mencia? If he was so popular during these times, then why is he so irrelevant and unheard of in today’s day and age? 

Carlos Mencia’s troubling reputation as a comedian

Things started to become quite hairy for Mencia around 2006. Even though the first season of Mind of Mencia was an overall hit, it should still be noted that not everything was smooth sailing for Mencia or the show. Mencia did receive some criticism insinuating that the setup and concept of Mind of Mencia had an uncanny resemblance to Chappelle’s Show.

In 2007 George Lopez called him out for stealing 13 minutes of material and having the audacity to include it in his HBO special. Ari Shaffir, another fellow comedian, confronts Mencia on stage at the Comedy Store about a joke he claimed Mencia stole from him when Shafir was opening for Mencia.

Though Mencia tries to shut down the accusations, the evidence and Shaffir’s testimony speaks for itself. Mencia’s reputation as a thief was quickly building.

Unfortunately, the complaints and allegations didn’t end there. Mencia’s biggest blow-up was yet to come.  

Joe Rogan’s infamous incident with Carlos Mencia

It was Rogan who initiated the infamous confrontation that would ultimately bring Mencia’s actions to light for once and for all. Rogan took upon himself to confront Mencia on stage in the Comedy Store in 2007. Rogan uses this time to put Mencia on blast for all of the jokes he has stolen from countless comedians over the years.

Once again, Mencia tries to shut down the conversation, but between Rogan’s overwhelming amount of evidence and the engaging crowd, Mencia never really stood a chance.

The impact and results of the Carlos Mencia incident

Mencia tried to make a comeback from this incident, but his career never quite bounced back like the way he wished. In 2011, he did attempt to return to the television world with his documentary Carlos Mencia: New Territory, but the mixed reviews paired with his tumultuous history left Mencia and his career falling off the map so to speak.

Though many people and comedians supported Rogan’s action, he, unfortunately, received some of the backlash of the heated incident. The Comedy Club banned Rogan for two years for releasing footage of the incidents to the public and the media. It is hard to believe, but Rogan’s agents even ended up dropping him.

However, as the facts and trends show, Rogan’s career did end up reaching much higher levels of success than he could have ever imagined.

Comedians everywhere remember or have heard of the incident that took place between Rogan and Mencia. Many comedians were grateful Rogan risked his career to protect their rights and material. Though it took place many moons ago, the heated event still comes up in discussions today.