Joe Rogan Fans Theorize About Why the Comedian Never Speaks of His Wife and Kids

Joe Rogan consistently continues to make headlines. With his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience bringing in over 11 million listeners, the former stand-up comedian covers topics that many in mainstream media won’t touch. One subject he rarely discusses is his family, and some fans of Rogan speculate on why he keeps his personal life to himself.

Comedian Joe Rogan performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel got married in 2009

Rogan often shared that he never wanted to tie the knot. His views apparently changed when he met Jessica Ditzel, a former model and cocktail waitress, in 2001. Ditzel has a daughter, Kayja Rose, from a previous relationship. Rogan and Ditzel had their first child, daughter Lola, in 2008, then headed to the altar in 2009. They welcomed their second daughter, Rosy, in 2010. Rogan legally adopted Kayja Rose after her biological father was killed in a car crash.

What made Rogan change his mind about marriage? He described how he and his wife make their relationship work. “She lets me do whatever I do,” he told Rolling Stone in 2015. “That’s how we get along well.”

Rogan made sure he protected his assets when he made the trip down the aisle. “A prenup? Of course,” he remarked. “I’m ridiculous and dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

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Fans assume Joe Rogan wants his privacy for his family

Rogan’s listeners have sometimes heard him sharing stories of his children, though he keeps details vague.

“He talked about taking them on trips and little things here and there – he just doesn’t get too personal,” one Reddit user wrote. “He’s always talking with guests that have kids… about how great having kids is and how much he loves them.”

“He brings it up a bit in the early episodes,” another remarked. “He just wants to keep his work life and his personal life separate.”

Fans speculate that Rogan just wants to protect his family from the public eye and respect their privacy.

“If you had millions of fans, many of whom were weirdo Internet hermits, you probably wouldn’t want them knowing about your family, either,” one posted on Reddit.

“Maybe it’s from his childhood, maybe not,” another commented. “But he is absolutely more protective than most people, even among celebrities.”

One Rogan family member has over 700K Instagram followers

While Rogan keeps intel on his family close to the vest, he manages to work creative ways of expressing his love for his kids.

“I always describe having a baby as just like doing mushrooms,” Rogan said in 2009, according to The Palm Beach Post, “in that if you’ve never done it before, I can’t really describe it to you accurately. … There’s no way I could tell you how much you would love your child.”

Though Rogan’s wife and daughters stay out of the limelight, their four-legged family member has acquired quite a following on Instagram. Marshall, the Rogans’ dog, has his own social media account and is often featured in Rogan’s posts. Naturally, the podcaster returns the favor and graces Marshall’s page with appearances. So far, Marshall has racked up 787K followers.

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