Joe Rogan is So Wealthy That He Can Get Hot Stone Massages on the Road

Joe Rogan may be best known for being the face and voice of the UFC, but that wasn’t his only gig.

Throughout his long entertainment career, Rogan’s done many jobs ranging from being a TV host to even a short-lived amateur career in kickboxing. And now, Rogan is making millions doing what he loves.

How Joe Rogan got to where he is today

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

After Rogan decided that a career in kickboxing wasn’t meant for him, he soon decided to pursue showbiz. Rogan got his start in stand up comedy, and soon, his jokes and charisma landed him some gigs in Hollywood. They weren’t really major gigs, but it still got his face out there. 

All the meanwhile, Rogan was still interested in combat sports. He had quit kickboxing, but he never stopped training. In fact, after watching the very first UFC event, he became interested in all the different martial arts that were on display. He became such a big fan of the UFC that he started doing interviews for the UFC. But, this job didn’t pay well, and so, he quit

It was around this time that Rogan got his gig as the host of Fear Factor. This was a popular show on network TV that really boosted Rogan’s popularity. But still, he loved watching the UFC.

Not long after he had quit working for the UFC, Dana White, the new president of the UFC, offered him free tickets if he would do commentary for the UFC. Rogan hasn’t stopped working for the UFC since. 

A millionaire comedian

While Rogan was making good money doing comedy, hosting Fear Factor, as well as doing commentary for the UFC, another big source of income came when he started combining all of his skills for his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.

Not only was he hosting that podcast, but he was using his comedy chops as well as his UFC knowledge to create a great podcast experience for listeners. 

The result is not only a boom in Rogan’s popularity, as the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the air, but also a boom in his bank account. Rogan is now estimated to be worth $30 million, not due to any single one business decision, but due to all of them. His podcast has certainly made him a lot of money, but so has everything else. 

With that much money, Rogan has been free to live his dream. He talks to his friends on the podcast for a relatively easy paycheck and he recently got a Netflix comedy special. This new wealth also means he’s been free to splurge and buy a lot of cars.

Joe Rogan’s car collection

Like any wealthy celebrity, Rogan has a sizable car collection, according to Hot Cars. In fact, Hot Cars says that after Elon Musk appeared as a guest on Rogan’s podcast, Rogan went ahead and bought himself a Tesla. That’s on top of the other cars that he has in his collection, which range from the usual cars to the stuff you’d expect to find in a celebrity’s garage.

For example, Hot Cars says that Rogan collects muscle cars such as classic Mustangs and Corvettes. Rogan also has sports cars that you’d expect the rich and famous to drive, such as a Porsche 911. But, Rogan’s a practical man, and he has cars that prioritize comfort and practicality over everything else. 

That’s why Hot Cars says that Rogan owns an SUV when he wants to take his family out. He also has a fancy Mercedes-Benz that comes with a hot stone massage feature in its front seats. Such a luxury is a necessity for Rogan who travels on the road a lot.