Joe Rogan Is Still Really Mad That Businesses Are Shut Down From COVID Restrictions — ‘There’s No Data’

Joe Rogan has been very vocal about his disagreement with pandemic lockdown protocols for several months now. 

He recently continued his tirade on an episode of his podcast, condemning politicians who he believes are behaving in a hypocritical manner. 

Rogan also shared his thoughts on how Florida governor Ron DeSantis has handled the issue, claiming that he took a “pragmatic approach” to lockdowns. 

Joe Rogan said there’s no evidence showing why businesses must remain shutdown 

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan at The Ice House Comedy Club | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

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Rogan’s main gripe is that it seems to him like people are having their freedoms taken away. He expressed his frustrations during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“They’re treating everybody like babies, this is what it is, man,” Rogan said. “They’re treating everybody like, ‘You’re not allowed to make your own decisions,’ including business owners that have spent a ton of money opening up these outdoor cafes and outdoor restaurants. And then, they don’t even supply any science.”

He even compared government politicians to dictators, claiming that there’s no evidence being used to support their decisions. 

“They are essentially autocrats, right. They’re a dictator,” Rogan said. “They come and they tell you what they’re going to close, what they’re not going to close, they don’t have to show there’s an overwhelming body of evidence … There’s no data.”

He thinks politicians and decision makers are being hypocritical

Another reason Rogan is upset is because he keeps seeing footage of the same politicians not following their own Covid protocols. Several of them have been seen traveling and dining indoors, which he finds hypocritical. 

“So you have these people that are idiots, they’re so dumb they keep getting busted going on vacation when they’re telling everybody to stay home,” Rogan said. “The mayor of Austin told people it’s not time to relax while he was in Cabo. [laughs] You know how crazy that is to go to Cabo and be in a condo in Cabo and go, ‘Listen, we can’t relax, don’t travel, stay away from people, alright. Take care.”

Joe Rogan said Florida’s governor took a ‘pragmatic approach’ to lockdown policy

Rogan then asked if there were any U.S. locations that managed to stay open throughout the entirety of the pandemic. Florida was the only one he could think of.

“I think Florida as a whole, the governor of Florida has basically said, ‘Listen, the cure can’t be worse than the disease. And it’s killing our businesses, it’s killing our people,’” Rogan said. “It’s—like a lot of people are commiting suicide, a lot of people are getting addicted to drugs … And he took a pragmatic approach. And you could disagree or agree. And a lot of people disagree, and I understand it.”

He also noted how the people lobbying for businesses to remain shut down are people who can afford to miss a year of work without taking a serious financial hit. 

“There is an issue though, that a lot of people who disagree with him being able to do this and opening things up, are financially capable of surviving a year or even longer without work. … I don’t want to point any fingers … But what I want to say is that it’s really difficult to even imagine … the mindset of someone who’s losing everything if you’re not losing anything.”