Joe Rogan Said Hunting Animals Is ‘Psychedelic’ and a ‘Transformative Experience’

As one of the most popular comedians around, Joe Rogan has become extremely influential due to his podcast. His podcast is different from typical podcasts, which has earned him wealth and fame.

Although he has faced some backlash for some of his episodes, he is still doing well for himself. Many fans may be aware that Rogan loves to go hunting.

He uses the game he catches as a source of meat for some of his favorite meals. Rogan has shared his thoughts about what it was like to go hunting in the past. 

Joe Rogan is a comedian and a podcaster

Joe Rogan at The Ice House Comedy Club on November 1, 2017 in Pasadena, California.
Joe Rogan | Michael Schwartz/WireImage

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Rogan is a comedian, an actor, and a television host. He started his career in comedy while he lived in Boston. Later, he started acting in several television shows, such as Hardball. For a few years, he was a host for the popular show Fear Factor

What most people know Rogan for is podcasting. In 2009, he created The Joe Rogan Experience. In his podcast, he discusses various topics with his guests. It soon started to trend, and the comedian earned a lot of recognition. 

Rogan did not have a network on his side to market his podcast. He grew organically and gained a following over time. Part of what made The Joe Rogan Experience so popular was that he focused more on content that listeners would love rather than monetization. 

Not to mention, he did things a lot differently than a typical podcast would do. For example, his episodes tend to go over the recommended length. While his method may not be a good model to follow, it worked in his favor. 

Joe Rogan loves to go hunting

One of Rogan’s favorite pastimes is hunting. He has a passion for it and will track down a variety of animals, such as deer and wild pigs. The comedian loves food and often turns the animals he hunts into meals. 

He is not shy about sharing how he loves hunting for his meat. Petersen’s Hunting reports on Rogan’s thoughts about the first time he had hunted. He felt being in nature and away from the noise of society was refreshing. He enjoys the experience that a hunt gives him and finds it ethical. 

“You can put yourself into a situation where you’re going and acquiring your own meat in a natural environment like that, like going down to Montana. I think if you’re going to be a meat-eater, it’s the ethical way to do it. It’s the right way to do it,” Rogan stated. 

One of Rogan’s good friends was famous chef Anthony Bourdain. Just like Rogan, Bourdain liked to go hunting. In an episode of the chef’s last show, Parts Unknown, he and Rogan went hunting together. The two of them were tracking down pheasants in Montana. 

Hunting is a great experience for Joe Rogan

Back in 2016, Rogan talked more about his thoughts about hunting in an interview with Rolling Stone. He mentioned that he likes multiple meals involving moose. For example, he is a fan of moose heart and moose stew. 

He also pointed out that he had other meats he got from bears, deer, and wild pigs. He expressed pride in how it all came from the game he had killed. He talked more about how he felt a change when he first started hunting. 

“It’s a very odd experience to take an animal’s life. The first time I did it, it was psychedelic. It was a transformative experience,” Rogan said. 

He has gotten criticism for his hobby from vegetarians and vegans. Of course, Rogan has been critical of vegan diets as well. However, he has been open to hearing different arguments. Regardless of how people feel, he continues to partake in his passion.