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Finding truthful information about coronavirus can sometimes be a problem with so much misinformation out there on social media. One could argue that listening to someone on a podcast talking about it would lead to just as much hearsay and confusion. When it’s on Joe Rogan’s podcast, this isn’t necessarily true.

Rogan has had some seriously prestigious guests as he tackles all of the most important issues of today. Of course, he’s been talking about coronavirus often. One of his guests eerily predicted where the world currently is with this virus.

It’s Michael Osterholm who’s director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. Recently, he told Rogan the proper steps everyone should be taking to “flatten that curve.”

When did Michael Osterholm predict our current pandemic?

Joe Rogan performs onstage
Comedian Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Osterholm already gave a warning to America in 2005 that the country could face a pandemic no one was prepared to fight. When he wrote a piece for Foreign Affairs magazine back then, he noted the world was at a critical point in history to address encroaching pandemics.

Later, in a 2017 book he wrote called Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs, he emphasized the above points and recommended leaders take his predictions seriously.

It’s easy to ignore scientists who think the sky is falling. Unfortunately, Osterholm wasn’t the only one warning about this years ago if one includes Bill Gates.

Rogan was able to get Osterholm as a guest recently where the latter described himself as a medical detective. After this, he’s probably going to become the leading Sherlock Holmes of infectious disease to help our world through the inevitable next one.

Michael Osterholm’s bitter reality about coronavirus on The Joe Rogan Experience

During Osterholm’s appearance on Rogan’s podcast March 10, former noted everyone is in for a long inconvenience. Despite President Trump wanting to get business going again, it may be far too soon to properly weather this storm.

According to Osterholm, the summer weather probably won’t slow down the virus, meaning quarantining may be necessary through July/August and beyond. In other words, he says this will be a part of our lives for the next six months or more since a vaccine is likely more than a year away.

Like many other medical experts on coronavirus (e.g. the celebrated Dr. Anthony Fauci), Osterholm points out some important things to do to keep the virus from spreading. He’s much more of a realist, though, and the way the virus can spread is still a bit chilling.

Wearing a mask and gloves may not really help

During Osterholm’s fascinating interview with Rogan, he notes wearing masks and gloves largely won’t help. The reason, he says, is the virus is easily transmittable through the air.

This is why there’s so much concern about seeing too many people congregating in close quarters like on beaches and in other public places. On cruise ships, Osterholm says, the air keeps recirculating in the cabins, explaining how so many passengers were easily infected.

Hearing about how easy it is to catch this might make anyone think twice about going to a public place, including grocery stores. While many have to go to grocery stores to keep their families fed, many are starting to limit how many customers go in at a time.

Osterholm is on board for maintaining the social distancing to flatten the curve, and he gave Rogan many tips as heard from other medical professionals. Yet, considering how much he predicted of this so far in advance (and in giving warnings of what’s ahead), he should become a leading consultant on coronavirus.

What he says may clash with where the U.S. government wants to go, however, leading to a million more controversial topics Rogan will likely cover in the months ahead.