John Cho Joining the MCU Could Mark an Epic Reunion with 1 Marvel Star

Every day, Marvel fans speculate which prominent actors like John Cho could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many eagerly await the upcoming Fantastic Four film. The MCU expects the film to be released sometime in 2023, so it’s still a while off. However, that doesn’t stop fans from predicting who might be cast in the lead roles, and they have some really great suggestions for Mr. Fantastic. One of those suggestions is Cho, who happens to have a former co-star in the MCU. 

Could John Cho be Marvel’s next Mr. Fantastic?

John Cho
John Cho | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Cho is a remarkably versatile actor. He’s shown that he can play nearly any role — he is certainly not in danger of being typecast. He spent his earliest days on the big screen playing the nerdy but hilariously high Harold in the Harold & Kumar films. 

Cho then turned to sci-fi, with a supporting role in three Star Trek films. In 2018, he delivered a powerful performance as a heartbroken father trying to find his missing teen in the suspenseful thriller, Searching. 2020 found Cho in a remake of the classic horror film, The Grudge

In 2021, Cho was included on a Screen Rant list of fan-suggested actors to play Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic) in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four film. Cho came in at No. 4 on a list of ten actors. Fans found him extremely likable and relatable in Searching, making him a good choice for the leader of a group of superheroes. 

Cho joining the MCU would reunite him with Karen Gillan

If Cho was to join the Marvel crew one day, it could potentially lead to an epic reunion with one of his former co-stars. MCU actor Karen Gillan (Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy) starred with Cho in a short-lived romantic comedy series Selfie

Selfie premiered in September 2014, but only lasted for a couple of months. The fans who did watch the quirky series absolutely fell in love with it, and many were devastated to hear that it had been canceled. The series followed Gillan’s character, Eliza Dooley (yes, the nod to My Fair Lady is quite intentional), as she realizes that her social media stardom actually means very little as far as real-life friendships go. Cho played Henry Higgs, a marketing consultant who has to lend Dooley a hand in building actual relationships. 

It’s still unclear why the series had such low ratings. One problem could have been the title. The term “selfie” may have been such a turn-off to potential viewers that they never even gave the show a try. Others may have been put off by the whole influencer plot. However, if they had tuned in, they would have learned that the series had some good laughs, irresistible charm, and great chemistry between the leading actors. 

Did Gillan and Cho get along?

Fans were so upset at the abrupt cancellation of Selfie that they started a campaign — #SaveSelfie. According to Pajiba, the petition had over 65.000 signatures and supporters were donning #SaveSelfie t-shirts. Unfortunately, ABC still canceled the show after only seven episodes. However, they did put the remaining episodes on Hulu for a time.

In 2021, Gillan told Refinery29 mentioned how it would be cool to “revisit” Selfie with a one-episode special or something short. “That would be great,” she said of working with Cho again. “We go along really well, he’s such a nice guy.” Whether fans got the Selfie reunion they’ve been longing for, or they got to see these two meet up in the MCU, they’d likely be happy either way. 

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