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John Krasinski has a lot in common with his most famous character. Jim Halpert of The Office is a simple man. He loves Pam and pranks. Replace Pam with Emily Blunt, and that’s basically Krasinski. He loves pranks almost as much as his on-screen personality, and he and Blunt are serious #RelationshipGoals. They’ve been married almost 11 years, and she’s just as prank happy as he is. One of his most famous prank wars is actually very similar to a prank war between Jim and Dwight on The Office. 

(L-R) John Krasinski and Emily Blunt smiling in front of a white background
(L-R) John Krasinski and Emily Blunt | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel had a Christmas prank war 

The Office is basically one long prank war. Dwight and Jim are constantly one-upping each other. But the Christmas pranks were some of the best. One of the most notorious Christmas episodes of The Office starts off with Jim innocently admiring snowfall. But the interaction in season seven’s “Classy Christmas” took a darker turn. After Dwight makes fun of Jim, who promptly goes outside to get a snowball to throw at Dwight. This leads to a long, drawn-out snowball fight, and eventually to Dwight watching as Jim tears apart dozens of snowmen in the parking lot, trying to figure out which one Dwight is hiding in. 

Basically, every Office Christmas episode contains a prank war between Jim and Dwight. In one, Pam convinces Dwight he has been recruited by the CIA as a Christmas present to Jim. In another, Jim and Dwight prank themselves, trying to throw the blame on one another. But the Christmas prank wars aren’t completely relegated to the screen when it comes to Krasinski. According to the LA Times, he has a real-life Christmas prank war with his friend Jimmy Kimmel. 

Emily Blunt is involved in the yearly pranks 

Pranking is a family affair for Krasinski. His wife Blunt is involved in the yearly tradition and has been from the beginning. In fact, the two have broken into Kimmel’s house multiple times in pursuit of pranks. The first one was innocent enough. Blunt and Krasinski moved Christmas lawn ornaments inside, breaking into Kimmel’s house and putting them in his living room. But Kimmel retaliated, and the game was on. 

Usually, multiple pranks pass between the two each year. There’s always one-ups-manship, as with any good prank war. When Blunt and Krasinski buried a zombie in Kimmel’s yard, the late-night TV host put up a giant inflatable reindeer over their house, complete with reindeer poop in the driveway. Krasinski has wrapped Kimmel’s car multiple times, and each time it was filled with something else inside. Kimmel, for his part, has wrapped Krasinski’s whole house. 

Is the Christmas prank war between Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski still going on?


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Unfortunately, it seems like circumstances have forced this prank war to take a hiatus. There is no record on the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel of a 2020 Christmas prank between Krasinski and Kimmel. In fact, the last recorded Christmas prank appears to be from 2018. Kimmel and Krasinski are no longer neighbors, in fact, they live on opposite coasts. Because of the distance, the pranks have died down. 

Krasinski did make the trip to Brooklyn in 2018 to prank Kimmel. In the latest available Christmas video, the two lament the fact that they’re no longer neighbors. They also go through their pranking history, which includes such escalations as Krasinski crashing Kimmel’s car. He also dressed as a nutcracker and jumped out at Kimmel, scaring him much like Dwight scared Jim in “Classy Christmas.”

For his last Christmas prank to date, Krasinski put all kinds of signs outside Kimmel’s Brooklyn home. A flashing traffic sign reads “Come in and say hi!” and a banner on the front of the house says “Welcome Jimmy Kimmel, who is renting this house!”