John Legend’s Marriage Advice is What Experts Call ‘Relationship Enhancement Strategies’

John Legend is one of Hollywood’s most talented musicians. Aside from his impressive talents and charming personality, he was also recently voted Sexiest Man Alive by People. Legend‘s wife, Chrissy Teigen, is just as well-liked and popular as her husband.

Teigen’s career began in modeling, but over the years she has proved that she is extremely versatile and extremely funny. Teigen’s Twitter followers love seeing her wit and intriguing updates.

Recently Teigen has been focusing a lot of time in the kitchen and on her recipes. Legend and Teigen are both admired in the public’s eyes, and it only makes sense that so much of the world is obsessed with their relationship. 

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
John Legend | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

How did John Legend and Chrissy Teigen first meet?

Legend and Teigen are one of society’s most beloved Hollywood couples, but how did they come to be?

It was love at first sight for this happy pair. Legend and Teigen officially met for the first time on the set of one of Legend’s music videos. While shooting the video for “Stereo” Teigen was cast as Legend’s love interest. However, it doesn’t seem like Teigen had to do too much acting.

After the shoot wrapped up the two of them secretly went back to Legend’s hotel room where they ate burgers and things got physical.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s love story

Teigen admits to playing it cool after their music video rendezvous, but it was obvious there was something between the two of them.

Legend was getting ready to leave for his tour, and Teigen didn’t want to overwhelm him or try to immediately tie him down in a committed relationship. A few months later Legend and Teigen officially got together. The couple very briefly broke up, but luckily it didn’t last.

Not to mention Legend and Teigen later revealed it was a result of Legend being under intense stress and not because their relationship wasn’t working out. Naturally, Teigen still likes to tease Legend about his short lapse in judgment.  The happy couple went on to get married in 2013. 

What is John Legend’s marriage advice? 

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Legend recently spoke out to E! News about his marriage with Teigen. Legend claims “romance time” is one of the key elements to his successful relationship.

Legend stresses the importance of taking the time and putting in the effort. Legend shared examples from his own life and highlighted a recent trip the couple took to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Legend reinforced the importance of couples making the time to do things together.

Whatever Legend and Teigen are doing, the public and fans hope they keep it up. Social media sources love sharing what the cute couple has been up to. 

What are some relationship enhancement strategies? 

In 2017 the University of Illinois shared a study that focused on “the science behind maintaining romantic relationships”. Family studies researchers analyzed the maintenance and motives behind romantic couples’ abilities to stay together.

The evidence and data indicated there are some fundamental relationship enhancement strategies that couples can practice in hopes of creating a more sound, secure, and rewarding relationship. Over time, working through conflict will become an enhancement technique for couples.

This study also sheds light on the importance of discerning individual issues from couple-based issues. It is not always easy to internally reflect, but by doing that individuals will be able to hopefully better understand the dynamic at hand. These are just a few of the data-driven suggestions that the scientific study promotes.

Love is at the heart of every relationship, but work plays a vital role in relationships as well. Legend and Teigen’s relationship is a perfect example of a loving and working relationship.